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Ukraine Economy and Culture

ECONOMY While in the Tsarist Empire and then in the USSR after the Second World War, Ukraine boasted one of the most prosperous and developed economies, with agricultural production that served the entire Soviet Union and one of the most important heavy industry in the world, after the independence the situation has seriously worsened. The… Read More »

Ukraine Industry

Natural resources Ukraine is rich in natural resources. The deposits of manganese, iron, titanium, coal, graphite and mercury are important worldwide; The proven reserves of uranium, nickel, rock and potash salt, sulfur and cement raw materials are considerable. Manganese ore is mined in the Nikopol Basin, north and east of the Kakhovka reservoir (in the… Read More »

Ukraine Old History

The Slavs originated from this region, which then spread to Germany, the Danubian and Balkan areas, then to Russia and Siberia. Ukraine’s oldest history is certainly identifiable with the Russian one. The heyday of this Galician-Volinic state was certainly that between the end of the 12th and the whole 13th centuries, in particular under the… Read More »