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Spain Economy and History

ECONOMY: SERVICES The trade balance it has always remained in considerable deficit, only partially attenuated since the second half of the 1980s. Internal trade has always played a leading role in the economic life of the country; the most notable internal exchanges take place between the industrial North and the agricultural areas of the South,… Read More »

Romania Mineral Resources and Industry

There are numerous riches of the Romanian subsoil, but the most important is undoubtedly oil, extracted mainly in the Ploiesti and Pitesti area, i.e. along the Southern Carpathians, then in Oltenia (Ticleni etc.) and in Moldavia (Moinesti). With oil, natural gas is also extracted, of which rich deposits are found in Transylvania (Delenii, Copsa Mica)… Read More »

Ukraine Economy and Culture

ECONOMY While in the Tsarist Empire and then in the USSR after the Second World War, Ukraine boasted one of the most prosperous and developed economies, with agricultural production that served the entire Soviet Union and one of the most important heavy industry in the world, after the independence the situation has seriously worsened. The… Read More »