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Cyprus Basic Information

Basic data Capital Nicosia Population 1.28 million Language Greek and Turkish Religion Orthodoxy, Islam, (Armenians – Orthodox, Maronites – Catholics) State system presidential republic Head of State Nicos Anastasiades Head of government Nicos Anastasiades Currency name EUR Travel Time shift +1 hour Economy 2021 Nominal GDP (billion USD) 39.4 Economic growth (%) 5 Inflation (%)… Read More »

Moldova Human and Economic Geography

According to, Moldova is an internal state of southeastern Europe. The 2004 census (not carried out, however, in the region of Transnistria, which proclaimed itself independent; see below: History) registered 3,383,332 residents; from an administrative point of view, the country has been divided since January 2003 into thirty-three districts, three municipalities (the capital Chişinău,… Read More »

Economy of United Kingdom

According to cheeroutdoor, Great Britain is one of the largest economically developed countries in the world. In 2000, the GDP was £859.1 billion. (in prices and PPP 1995), 5th in the world after the USA, Japan, Germany and France. UK share of world GDP 3.0% (2002). In the same year, its GDP per capita was… Read More »

Economy of Ukraine

According to cheeroutdoor, the volume of Ukraine’s GDP in 2002 amounted to UAH 212 billion in national currency. (in 2000 – 175.0; in 2001 – 201.9). The total volume of GDP, recalculated in dollars at purchasing power parity (PPP), amounted to $ 185 billion. In 1999, Ukraine ranked last, 43rd place in terms of GDP… Read More »

Economy of Turkey

According to estimates, Turkey’s GDP in 2002 at purchasing power parity of currencies was $468 billion, GDP per capita was $7,000. GDP and GDP per capita at the current exchange rate in 2001 were $147.7 billion and $2,124, respectively. According to the World Bank classification, Turkey belongs to the subgroup of low-income countries and ranks… Read More »

Economy of Switzerland

According to cheeroutdoor, Switzerland is a technologically advanced country with a market economy. The economy is focused on the production of high-quality specialized products (within its own “production niche”), most of which is intended for sale on the world market (its own “marketing niche”). The country continues to be one of the world’s largest financial… Read More »

Economy of Sweden

For 100 years, Sweden from a backward and one of the poorest countries in Europe, as it was in the middle. In the 19th century, where 70% of the population was employed in agriculture, it turned into one of the most developed industrial countries in the world with a high standard of living for the… Read More »

Economy of Spain

According to cheeroutdoor, Spain is an industrial-agrarian country with a developed, large-scale and diversified economy. In 2002, in terms of GDP ($796 billion at PPP), it ranked 5th in Western Europe and 13th in the world. GDP per capita – $ 19,400, which is 85% of the average level of the 4 leading European countries.… Read More »

Economy of Slovenia

Immediately after the declaration of independence, Slovenia spoke in favor of a transition to a modern social market economy and integration into Western European structures. As in other post-socialist countries, the economy in Slovenia at the beginning. 1990s experienced an economic downturn. The economy was negatively affected by the loss of former markets in the… Read More »

Economy of Slovakia

After a transformational decline at the initial stage of reforms (during 1990–93, the country’s GDP fell by almost 1/4), the Slovak economy has been restoring the progressive dynamics of development since 1994; the level of the last pre-reform year (1989) was surpassed in terms of GDP in 2001 (by 9%). In 2001, Slovakia’s GDP amounted… Read More »