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Spain Culture

Separated from the rest of Europe by the Pyrenees, Spain forms the Iberian Peninsula with the less extensive Portugal. Third country in Europe by extension, it includes two archipelagos: the Canary Islands in the Atlantic and the Balearics in the Mediterranean. Divided from Africa by the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain can be considered a bridge… Read More »

Spain Post-Franco Literature

Since the end of the seventies Spanish literature has experimented in a frenetic way, given the situation of proud marginality in which it was forced during the long years of Francoism, every model, form and trend of contemporary writing. During the Eighties, political themes, erotic literature, genre fiction (pink or black), often of quality, were… Read More »

Spain Literature: from the 12th to 14th Century

CULTURE: LITERATURE. FROM THE TWELFTH TO THE END OF THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY According to Bridgat, capital was also the opening of the “road of San Giacomo”, which for several centuries (from the twelfth onwards) saw thousands of European pilgrims pass by – including, of course, businessmen and travelers, writers and jesters – headed to Santiago… Read More »

Ukraine Economy and Culture

ECONOMY While in the Tsarist Empire and then in the USSR after the Second World War, Ukraine boasted one of the most prosperous and developed economies, with agricultural production that served the entire Soviet Union and one of the most important heavy industry in the world, after the independence the situation has seriously worsened. The… Read More »