Anglo-Saxon America

By | May 17, 2021

In the Americas, are distinguished two major groups: Anglo-Saxon America and Latin America . The American Anglo-Saxon is formed by Canada and the United States , two world powers.

The two countries of Anglo-Saxon America are among the most extensive on the planet and occupy almost half of America, with about 10 million km 2 each.

They were colonized mainly by the English and other Anglo-Saxon peoples. For this reason, the majority of the population is white, of European descent, speaks English and practices the Protestant religion; however, a large number of Canadians are of French origin. In both, the Amerindian population was almost wiped out and represents a tiny percentage of the total population. Due to climatic conditions, Canada is sparsely populated. Most of the population of Anglo-Saxon America lives in the United States, especially in coastal areas. There are the main cities, which concentrate more than three quarters of the inhabitants.

Industry and the service sector occupy almost the entire economically active population and contribute most of the wealth. North America is today the region of the world with the greatest economic potential and generates more than a quarter of world production.

According to COUNTRYAAH, the United States is the largest world power in the economic and military spheres. Together with Canada, they are part of the group of the seven most industrialized countries. Both are among the nations with the highest per capita income. In addition, Canada is one of the countries with the best living conditions. For several years he has participated in the group of five countries that head the Human Development Index (HDI) , prepared by the United Nations.

Population diversity

Anglo-Saxon America has an estimated population of more than 327 million and has some of the most intensely populated areas in the world. Its distribution is irregular, being concentrated on the northeast coast, in California and in the Great Lakes region and the São Lourenço river.

The population is characterized by diversity, with a large number of ethnic minorities, and mobility, since on average the North American changes his residence fourteen times in his life, often moving thousands of kilometers.

Social inequalities are evident, especially in the United States, where social protection is less. A privileged group, which enjoys high levels of well-being and culture, coexists with more than 30 million poor people, that is, 14% of the population, of which 60% are black. The Hispanic minority is increasingly significant, but continues to suffer discrimination, as well as other communities. The most populous cities have become a multi-ethnic and multicultural mosaic.

The population of the United States has grown thanks to immigrants from around the world, such as Europeans, Africans, Hispanic Americans and Asians. The North American ethnic composition is very varied: there are 80% of whites, 12% of blacks, 3% of Asians, 4% of other ethnicities and Only 1% of Amerindians.

“American way of life”

Throughout history, countries have emerged that for a long or short time have maintained hegemony over neighbors or entire regions. Today, the United States, a country of recent history, formed just over two centuries ago, has managed to extend its influence to all parts of the globe. The country that maintains economic, military, political and social supremacy in the world has spread its way of life, the “American way of life”, as a model to be followed by all.

It is interesting to note that, despite the multi-ethnic composition of the more than 295 million inhabitants, they remain united by the pride of belonging to the first world power, which explains the absence of nationalist tensions.

Anglo-Saxon America