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Economy of Slovenia

Immediately after the declaration of independence, Slovenia spoke in favor of a transition to a modern social market economy and integration into Western European structures. As in other post-socialist countries, the economy in Slovenia at the beginning. 1990s experienced an economic downturn. The economy was negatively affected by the loss of former markets in the… Read More »

Skocjan Caves (World Heritage)

The Škocjan Caves are about 6 km long and are considered to be the most important feature in the Karst landscape of Kras. They were created by the Reka River, which flows around 40 km underground and only emerges shortly before it flows into the Adriatic Sea in the Timavo springs in Italy. The gorge… Read More »

Ljubljana Travel Guide

Beautiful Ljubljana may not be the most obvious destination for Norwegians on a city break, but it should be. This is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most charming and romantic cities. Residents often describe life in Ljubljana as being on a constant holiday trip. It is comfortable, exciting, safe and friendly. According to Abbreviation Finder, the… Read More »

Slovenia – a Successor State to Yugoslavia

Slovenia is one of the successor states of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The country gained independence when it separated from Yugoslavia in 1991. It has the most uniform population structure among the multiethnic states of Southeast Europe. Most of the residents are Slovenes. Slovenia has the highest standard of living among the formerly… Read More »

Slovenia Old History

The first inhabitants of the region, from the Danubian plains, were the Slovenes, who created the historical territory of Slovenia, a mountainous region of northwestern Yugoslavia. They had been slaves of the Avars and had fled from Italy to the passage of the Lombards. They moved west and went up the Sava valley and as… Read More »