Dubrovnik, Croatia

By | May 12, 2021

Dubrovnik is without a doubt Croatia’s most beautiful city, a gem located on the Adriatic coast. It is no wonder that it has become one of the Balkans’ most popular destinations. Dubrovnik has an amazing mix of old and new, with churches, palaces and alleys dating back several hundred years.

As early as the 6th century, the first settlement was founded on the site, what is now called Stari Grad (Croatian for Old Town). In the 12th century, modern Dubrovnik was founded and the city got its current name.


Travel here

There are direct flights to the airport, which is located 24 km outside the city, and from there you can take a bus to Dubrovnik. Once there, it’s the easiest way to get around on foot. The entire Old Town is car-free, and if you want to get to the port city of Gruz, for example, to take a ferry to one of the islands, there are several buses with frequent departures.

Tourist attractions

Attractions that are a must for all tourists are first and foremost Pileporten, which is the one gateway to the Old Town. The gate was built in the 16th century in Renaissance style, and at that time the gate was locked every night. It is also a very extraordinary experience to take a walk up on the city wall itself. It is about 2 kilometers long and takes about 45 minutes to walk around.

According to iamhigher, the largest street in the Old Town is called Stradun and is lined with cafes, shops and restaurants. From the beginning, the street was a canal that was filled in in the 12th century, and the white stone pavement that now covers the street dates back as far as the 15th century. During high season, Stradun is a popular haunt for tourists. And it’s not just during the day that Stradun vibrates with life – this is also the center of Dubrovnik’s extremely hectic nightlife.


Dubrovnik is located in the Croatian province of Dalmatia, which is a scenic landscape without any industries. However, there are vineyards of wine, citrus and olives. Thanks to the idyllic location, there are excellent opportunities for those who want to hike, cycle or sail in the beautiful surroundings. Outside Dubrovnik there are several islands that you can visit via ferries during the day, for example Lokrum and Mijet.

The sea outside Dubrovnik is clear and clean, and if you want to swim there are many options. If you stay in a hotel, there is usually a beach that is adjacent to the hotel, although these are also open to the public. Most of these beaches are of a high quality, both in terms of water and facilities. Here you will find playgrounds, tennis courts, pools, bars, restaurants and so on.
If you want to get a bit away from the worst congestion, you just have to go somewhere along the coast – the whole Adriatic Sea is open, and the whole coast of Croatia is like one long beach.

Weather and climate

The weather in Dubrovnik can be compared to a tropical Mediterranean climate with mild winters (average temperature around 10 degrees in January) and warm sunny summers (average temperature around 27 degrees in July). In July and August it is warmest, while April-May and September are cooler.

Do not miss Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic!

Attractions in Dubrovnik

Attractions in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – the pearl of the south where beaches and world heritage lie side by side, fantastic climate and proximity to the tranquility of nature. Many people spend their holidays here and the city has a lot to offer. Do not miss the cable car to the mountain Srđ, Game of Thrones tour, the historic wall and the nature reserve Lokrum which can be reached with a 10 minute boat ride from the Old Town. An excellent destination with a lot of good things.

Game of Thrones

For all Game of Thrones lovers, Dubrovnik is truly a place to visit. Here you can visit many filming locations that from the series are hard to forget. Go on a guided tour and see KIngs Landing, Magical city of Quarth, Red Keep and Tomb of the Undying. The guide tells about the fictional kingdom and also reveals some secrets behind the series.

Island of Lokrum

The island of Lokrum, which is a nature reserve, is only a boat trip of 10 minutes from Dubrovnik’s old town and is a perfect day trip, the boat leaves every half hour. Enjoy the silence and tranquility and the fantastic nature. Maximilian Ferdinand of Habsburg, who bought the island in 1859, took peacocks there and also planted over 100 varieties of exotic plants. Today there are over 500 varieties of trees, flowers and shrubs.

At Lokrum, there is also space to even out the tan, if you feel ready to throw everything away and enjoy the sun on the nudist beach in the southern part of the island. Not far from there is the “Dead Lake” which got its name from its high salinity, a very popular lake to swim and relax in.

Dubrovnik’s ring wall

Do not miss the 2km long wall that surrounds the Old Town, it was built between the 12th and 16th centuries as protection from attacks. From the wall you get a fantastic view of the city and the beautiful archipelago. The wall is robustly built and could withstand the great earthquake that took place in 1667 without any major damage.

Cable car 405m above sea level

For those who dare, you can see the Old Town, Lokrum and the Adriatic Sea from a bird ‘s eye view when you take the cable car that runs between Dubrovnik and the mountain Srđ. The journey takes about 4 minutes and on the mountain there is both a restaurant and café for a good lunch or a cup of coffee, as well as terraces to enjoy the view.

The best of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is often described as a fairytale town and is an extremely popular destination. The best time to visit the city is around spring and autumn, with mild weather and not crowded with tourists. For delicious food at slightly lower prices in the otherwise relatively expensive Dubrovnik (compared to the rest of Croatia), choose one of the side streets or alleys from the main pedestrian street. There are restaurants more aimed at the locals. Croatia produces a lot of wine, so take the opportunity to enjoy locally produced wine with your food.

The city offers several interesting museums, cathedrals and churches. Not far from the city there are several beaches to choose from, if you prefer beach sand you can go to Uvala Lapa beach, for a beach with cement there is Adriatic beach and VIs beach which has pebbles. At the pharmacies in Dubrovnik you can buy skin cream and perfume made on medieval recipes, a fun souvenir or gift to take home.