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See computerminus for Croatia political system.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is without a doubt Croatia’s most beautiful city, a gem located on the Adriatic coast. It is no wonder that it has become one of the Balkans’ most popular destinations. Dubrovnik has an amazing mix of old and new, with churches, palaces and alleys dating back several hundred years. As early as the 6th… Read More »

Zagreb Travel Guide

According to DigoPaul, Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and by far the largest city with just over 800,000 inhabitants. The city has a rich history that stretches back many centuries, which today is reflected through cathedrals, historic buildings and monuments. The city also has a wonderful inland nature, and can also be visited in… Read More »

Croatia – a Successor State to Yugoslavia

Croatia is one of the successor states of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which declared its independence in 1991. As a result of the breakup of Yugoslavia, armed conflicts developed between the successor states, especially between Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mass exodus from the war zones led to population shifts and… Read More »

Croatia Old History

The history of Croatia begins in the early 6th century, when the Slavic populations, subject to the Avars, migrated from the region of the Middle Danube to the south-east, in the region between the Drava and the Sava and towards the Adriatic coast. See Countryaah for population and country facts about Croatia. Population structure Croatia is… Read More »