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See computerminus for Norway political system.

Economy of Norway

According to cheeroutdoor, Norway is a small country at the post-industrial stage of development (in 2002, the GDP was 190 billion euros, per capita – 38.7 thousand US dollars, growth rate 2.1%, inflation 2.3%). The country leads in terms of the quality of life of the population and all social parameters, it is the third… Read More »

Norway History: Viking Age to the Kalmar Union

Until the 9th century, the territory of the Norwegians was divided into partial kingdoms as well as “landscapes” under the leadership of a peasant aristocracy, which had gained considerable wealth through military campaigns and trade in England, Ireland and the Franconian Empire. The expansion of the Norwegians during the Viking Age (late 8th century to… Read More »

Norway Environment and Culture

ENVIRONMENT Sea and mountains are the two unifying elements of this vast territory, characterized by different ecosystems. Starting from the N, in Finnmark County, and traveling along the entire mountainous axis of the country to the southern administrative region of Telemark, we meet the tundra, devoid of trees due to the permafrost that prevents the… Read More »

Kingdom of Norway

The Kingdom of Norway covers the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Land borders exist with Russia, Sweden and Finland. The capital of the country is Oslo. The coast, which is richly indented by deep fjords, has numerous islands in front of it. Plateau glaciers cover large parts of the high mountains and the barren… Read More »

Norway Old History

It is known, from the news handed down to us by the historian of the Norman civilization MH Martin, that the first inhabitants of the country were the blond and lively Vikings, descendants of an ancient population, the “Normoend”, coming from Asia, which a few centuries before Christ was established in the territory of present-day… Read More »