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Economy of Latvia

According to cheeroutdoor, Latvia is a state with an industrial-agrarian economy. The main industries are: mechanical engineering, food, woodworking, light industry, production of building materials, chemical industry. In industry, there are crisis phenomena associated with structural changes, reorientation to the production of products that meet the requirements of the world market. In agriculture, St. 18%… Read More »

Republic of Latvia

Latvia is one of the successor states of the Soviet Union and belongs to the three so-called Baltic states. The country lies between Estonia in the north, Belarus and Lithuania in the south and Russia in the east. Almost a third of the population lives in the capital Riga on the Riga Bay of the… Read More »

Latvia Old History

Latvia, or Curlandia, that is “Land of the Kuri”, since ancient times was inhabited by Lithuanian and Finnish peoples. Only in the twelfth century did German merchants appear, coming from Westphalia and Luebeck, who immediately began a sort of missionary colonization. In 1202 the bishop of Livonia founded the religious order of the “Porta Spada”… Read More »