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See computerminus for Albania political system.

Economy of Albania

According to cheeroutdoor, GDP growth in % was: in 1997 – 7.0; in 1998 – 8.0; in 1999 – 7.3; in 2000 – 7.8; in 2001 – 6.5; in 2002 – 4.7; in 2003 – 6.0 (forecast). Despite the fact that the growth in 2002 of 4.7% (instead of the planned 7%) was the lowest… Read More »

Albania Everyday Life

Hospitality The people of Albania are known for their hospitality. As a stranger, you are often viewed with suspicion at first, but once you gain the trust of the residents, you are warmly welcomed and gladly invited to eat and drink. This friendliness towards guests has a very long tradition in the country. When the… Read More »

Albania History and Politics

From one realm to the next Around 1000 BC The Illyrians lived on what is now Albanian territory, among other places. After their rule, the Macedonians ruled the entire Balkan Peninsula. Around 167 BC BC the Albanian area went to the Romans and after the division of the Roman Empire to the Eastern Roman Empire.… Read More »

Albania Old History

From historical research and archaeological excavations carried out in Albania it has been found that the materials found are similar to those of southern Italy and this indicates that the relations between these two countries were intense, more than those with the neighboring territories. There were certain migrations from Albania to the coasts of the… Read More »