Resorts and Attractions in Germany

By | August 31, 2022

Germany (Deutschland) is a state in Central Europe. The word “Germany” comes from the Celtic “gair” (neighbor).

According to, the capital is Berlin. The official language is German. Currency – euro. Religion – Christianity. Population – 82,797 million people

The climate is maritime and temperate continental. The temperature in January is -5, in July +22*С. The weather is often changeable. In the middle of summer it can be warm and sunny, but the very next day it can get cold and rainy.

The largest cities are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne.

Flight duration Moscow – Berlin: – 2 hours 40 minutes, Moscow – Frankfurt: – 3 hours 10 minutes, Moscow – Munich: – 3 hours.

A Schengen visa is issued.

Useful phone numbers
Embassy of Russia in Berlin – Unter den Linden, 63-65, tel. 220-2821.
Aeroflot representative offices: in Berlin – Unter den Linden, 51, tel: 226 98 10, 226 88 137; in Frankfurt – Wilhelm-Leuschner str., 41, tel: 273 006 30; in Munich – Isartorplatz, 2, tel: 288 261.
Ambulance – 112, police – 110.

Resorts and attractions in Germany

Compared to other European cities Berlin, which is only 800 years old, is still quite a young city, but nevertheless its history is unique. On August 13, 1961, a wall was erected between East and West Berlin and the city was torn into two parts.

The Brandenburg Gate has been the main symbol of Berlin since its construction. The construction of a grand structure 20 meters high lasted 3 years (1788-1791). In August 1961, barbed wire was laid along the demarcation line that divided the city into western and eastern parts. The Brandenburg Gate was closed – they became a symbol of the division of Germany, which lasted almost half a century. And only in 1989 the borders were opened and Berlin became a single city. The fact that Berlin was divided into two cities for a long time, we are reminded in today’s Berlin by two congress centers, two TV towers, two observatories, two zoos, two hippodromes and two National Galleries.

Alexanderplatz, abbreviated as Alex, remained the center of Berlin. The square was named so in honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander I, who visited Berlin in 1805, at that time it was a market square and a training ground. Built in 1965-69. a group of architects, the 368 m high TV tower was a symbol of East Berlin.

Bad Kmssingen. This wonderful city is located in the heart of Germany on the picturesque land of Bavaria. It was in this city that international history was made at the turn of many centuries. Due to favorable climatic conditions and air not polluted by industrial plants, this is a favorite vacation spot not only for Germans, but also for Europeans.

Bad Toelz is a world famous resort in Germany, which is conveniently located on the banks of the Isar River, not far from Munich. Thanks to the clean alpine air and favorable climatic conditions, Bad Tölz has become a real paradise for many tourists. The resort also offers a range of wellness treatments.

oberstdorf – the famous ski resort in Germany is located in a colorful valley in the southeast of Bavaria on the border with Austria. This city is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. This region is especially interesting for skiers, as there are well-prepared slopes.

Wiesbaden is considered one of the elegant and secular resorts in Germany. It is located in the picturesque valleys of the Rhine Main. For centuries, Wiesbaden has been famous as a balneological resort. Wiesbaden owes its development to the counts of Nassau. Under them, the magnificent Biebrich Castle was built, which later became the princely residence.

In 1882, Kaiser Wilhelm II laid the foundation stone for this huge building, the construction of which cost 30 million gold marks. During the First World War, an inscription to the German people appeared above the portal. A beautiful gate with two 27-ton stone elephants on the sides leads to the oldest zoo in Germany, opened in 1844. This is not only one of the largest zoos in Europe, but also one of the richest in the world in terms of the number of animal species represented in it. It contains about 15400 animals of 1168 species.

Interesting Facts

Recently, the number of immigrants to Germany is becoming less and less.

All cities of the country are interconnected by a network of roads and railways. To move around the city, it is better to purchase a ticket, which is valid for all types of transport.

When buying in a store marked with a Tax Free icon for more than 25 euros, you can return 16% of the value of the goods when leaving the country.

No more than 1 block of cigarettes, 1 liter of spirits (more than 22% strength) and 2 liters of wine are imported duty-free. To import tobacco and alcohol is allowed for persons over 17 years of age.

Business tourism
Almost all spheres of human activity cover exhibitions in Germany. Professional, or rather, business tourism is a direction that is progressing from year to year. Still would! How to understand where to grow and what to strive for, bypassing the experience of specialists from various fields at world exhibitions. One of the largest centers of business activity in Europe is Germany.
And it doesn’t matter what area you work in – almost all spheres of human activity cover exhibitions in Germany. This is not just a chance to look at others, participation in exhibitions is an opportunity to improve your own skills, share experience, find business partners and friends – and these are not just words: the experience of Russian participants in international exhibitions proves effectiveness in deeds.

Some business events in Germany and approximate dates of their holding:
From April 7 to April 11 – International exhibition of gas facilities equipment (Gas Berlin) in Berlin.
At the same time, from 7 to 11 April, an exhibition-congress dedicated to the problem of water resources: desalination and water purification (Wasser Berlin) will be held in Berlin.
From 25 to 29 March in Cologne – International Dental Exhibition-Fair (IDS).
From 8 to 11 April in Cologne – International Specialized Fair of Food Technology (Anuga Food Tec).
From 23 to 25 March in Düsseldorf – International Specialized Fair of Wines and Spirits (Prowein).
From March 28 to March 30 – International Specialized Fair of Professional Cosmetics (Beauty International).
In Munich from 22 to 23 March – real estate fair in Germany and abroad (Immofair).
From 28 to 30 April in Frankfurt – the International Specialized Fair for Marketing and Advertising (Marketing Services), as well as a specialized fair for presentation stands and displays (Display).
From 20 to 23 March in Leipzig – Leipzig Book Fair (Leipziger Buchmesse).
From 8 to 10 April in Nuremberg – the European fair of coatings and surface treatment (European Coating Show).
From 7 to 10 May in Stuttgart – fair of information technologies, Internet, multimedia and office solutions (It-plus).
From 24 to 27 April in Friedrichshafen – the international specialized civil aviation fair (Aero).
From 1 to 4 May in Essen – the world fair dedicated to fitness and leisure (Fibo).
From 11 to 13 April in Sinsheim – car electronics fair (Car+sound).

Attractions in Germany