Entertainment and Attractions in Rhodes, Greece

By | February 8, 2023

According to BRIDGAT.COM, the main attractions of Rhodes are hidden in its capital – the city of the same name is not only the birthplace of the very Colossus of Rhodes, but also a whole host of monuments from the ancient Greek period to the Middle Ages. In short, this is the Palace of the Grand Masters, powerful fortress walls, a colorful port with boats of all stripes and the so-called “Knights Street”, as well as a couple of worthy museums that tell about the difficult but exciting history of the island.

The ancient Lindos competes with Rhodes, where, perhaps, the second most impressive after the Athenian ancient Acropolis is located on the top of the mountain. The Byzantine church of St. John and the ancient temple of Athena of Lindia echo him. If fantasy craves something massive, it is worth visiting the majestic Monolith Castle, a medieval fortress of the Ioannites on top of a steep cliff. There is a chapel of St. Panteleimon of the 15th century, and at the foot of the cliff you can buy healing Rhodes honey, homemade olive oil and the traditional “bag” – moonshine made from grapes. Situated in an exceptionally idyllic countryside, Lindos offers a sense of an archaic island lifestyle that is no longer found in resorts or in the capital city.

The Valley of the Butterflies is responsible for the natural beauties on the island – a spectacle beyond description, especially in the season when it is filled with thousands of insects of all colors and sizes, fluttering around the happy tourists from the stone Russian “jungle”.

In addition, you can go to the ancient city of Kamiros, which has preserved its layout from ancient times. The unique water supply system and the mysterious death of the city attract not only tourists, but also researchers of the history of Ancient Greece. Another popular destination on the itinerary is the Embona wine village, where you can taste the very best Rhodes wines, as well as have a delicious lunch in the village tavern.

It is impossible not to mention the Valley of the Seven Springs with its marked paths through picturesque forests that give coolness even on the hottest summer day, or Filerimos Hill, where ancient ruins await tourists, and an ancient monastery with a modest but exceptionally beautiful chapel and stunning views to the north islands.

The place with the romantic name “kiss of the two seas” is Prasonisi. This sandy spit connects the two islands, Rhodes and Prasonisi, where on one side is the calm, dark blue Mediterranean Sea, and on the other, the restless turquoise Aegean.

5 things to do in Rhodes

  1. Redeem the 7 deadly sins by swimming in the scorching cold of Epta Piges – the valley of 7 springs.
  2. Climb the Tsambika hill to the monastery of the same name, where the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is located, helping childless families.
  3. Try to count a thousand butterflies in a colorful valley, get lost, spit on everything and just enjoy the view of the fluttering beat of hundreds of thousands of wings.
  4. See the “kiss” of two seas – the Aegean and the Mediterranean – in the town of Prasonisi.
  5. Climb the most dizzying place accessible to tourists in Rhodes – Mount Filerimos, the top of which is crowned with a large cross.


Most of the entertainment in Rhodes is associated with the beach and the sea. Moreover, the lion’s share of these fun (from parasailing to canoeing) can be found in Faliraki, unless, of course, you are mentally prepared to endure crowds of beachgoers. For wind and kite surfing, it is better to go to the southern point of Rhodes, to Prasonisi, which is deservedly called the “paradise for surfers”.

Fishermen are also welcome in Rhodes: here you don’t even need to buy a license to cast your line into the sea. The best places are near Kamiros, Kallithea and Lindos. You can even negotiate with one of the fishing schooners, which are full of moored in front of the gates of St. Catherine in the capital. They are happy to take fishermen with them for a small fee, but the departure is usually early in the morning. Other popular sports: yachting, tennis and golf (there is a large field near the village of Afandou).

Rhodes for children

Rhodes is a great place to relax with children, many local hotels are specially “sharpened” for family tourists: in addition to the children’s menu, swimming pools and large rooms, they offer babysitting services and, of course, animation. Outside the hotel entertainment complexes, there are no less – these are all kinds of water sports on the beaches, and one of the largest water parks in all of Greece, Water Park (off site), located in Faliraki, and the equally large Fantasia amusement park, again at 5 minutes from Faliraki.

Not far from the capital, in the village of Petaludes, there is the Valley of the Butterflies – an enchanting place where thousands of winged insects live. Nearby is an ostrich farm and part-time small zoo with camels, deer, donkeys and goats. Directly in the capital, you should look into the aquarium with sea turtles, octopuses and mollusks, as well as take a walk in the Rodini park, where there is a small waterfall and a mini-zoo.

Attractions in Rhodes, Greece