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Cologne Travel Guide

With over 1 million inhabitants, Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city, and with a history of over 2000 years, it is perhaps one of the richest cities in all of Europe. Its central location near the river Rhine has meant that Cologne has been important for several centuries, as it is today. In modern times,… Read More »

Munich Travel Guide

Next to Germany’s capital Berlin, Munich is also a popular destination for Norwegians. According to DigoPaul, the city is considered by many to be the most beautiful in Germany, and the city with the most architectural masterpieces. At the same time, the city ​​is well known for its beer culture , and the annual October… Read More »

Federal Republic of Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is located in Central Europe. It can be subdivided into four major landscape areas: the North German lowlands, the low mountain range threshold, the Alpine foothills and the Alps. The highest point in Germany lies in the Alps, the 2962 m high Zugspitze. As a result of the Second World… Read More »

Germany Old History

Central European region, physically comprised between the Baltic and the North Sea, and the physical regions of ancient Gaul, the Alps and Sarmatia. Little is known of its prehistory given the nature of its first inhabitants. Originally nomads, scattered among Slavic and other nations, they were engaged in continuous migration. And with these migrations, especially… Read More »

Travel to Germany: All You Need to Know!

Want to meet a promising nation emerging as one of the largest economies in the world? So you need to visit Germany! Learn all about the country here. Considered one of the most prosperous and richest nations in the world, Germany has an ancient culture and history. The region served as the stage for striking battles of the… Read More »

What to Do in Germany?

Traveling to Germany  is a unique experience and well worth it. The country offers excellent infrastructure for tourists, with  plenty of hotels, hostels, restaurants, cultural tours and a flawless transportation system. Whatever the city, entertainment and leisure options abound. Follow the reading as we will now show you what you can do and what are the sights of the… Read More »

4 Amazing Attractions in Berlin

Thinking about getting to know Berlin? So this post was made for you. Read on and let’s assemble the perfect script together!😀 Plural, cosmopolitan and historical : this is Berlin, the capital of  Germany  and the largest urban center in the country. With so many attractions, it is one of Europe’s most unmissable  destinations – no wonder it never stops receiving visitors from every corner… Read More »