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See computerminus for Denmark political system.

Denmark Tourist Information

Important! When going to Denmark, it is important to have a complete travel package with documents: a foreign passport with a visa, a voucher for a tour to Denmark, an insurance policy and an air ticket. Check-in for an international flight to Denmark two hours before departure. According to thesciencetutor, Denmark is the southernmost state… Read More »

Denmark Economy and Currency

ECONOMY Business etiquette Almost all Danish business people speak English, some also speak German. Punctuality is very much appreciated. The summer holiday season between mid-June and mid-August is less suitable for business visits. Copenhagen Make sure to be on time for appointments. Business people dress quite formally: men wear suits and ties, women a trouser… Read More »

Shopping in Denmark

DUTY-FREE SHOPPING Overview The following articles can be imported into Denmark duty-free by people aged 17 and over (when entering from non-EU countries): 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco; 1 liter of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22% or 2 liters of spirits with an… Read More »

Denmark Travel Guide

TRAVEL WARNING Overview Denmark Current information Since the beginning of January 2016, Denmark has been carrying out random border controls at the German-Danish border. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to waiting times in cross-border traffic. German nationals are strongly advised to have a valid identity card or passport with them when traveling to Denmark.… Read More »

Denmark Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Kingdom of Denmark. Capital Copenhagen (København). Geography As a country located in Europe according to neovideogames, Denmark, the smallest Scandinavian country, consists of the Jutland peninsula and around 500 islands of various sizes. The inhabited islands are connected to the mainland by bridges or ferries. Denmark borders Germany in… Read More »

Kingdom of Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark lies between Central Europe and Scandinavia. The only land border of the peninsula and island state is with Schleswig-Holstein, where a small Danish minority also lives. The capital Copenhagen is located on the island of Zealand in the Öresund. Denmark has a highly developed fishery and agriculture with predominant livestock breeding.… Read More »

Denmark Old History

During the ice age three times the ice went down to cover the whole territory of Denmark. After these periods of terrible cold, however, spring times alternated. And in one of these Denmark began to populate. The first inhabitants were members of barbarian tribes from Asia. And they were undoubtedly hunters, given the relics of… Read More »

Hotels in Copenhagen

The hotel scene in Copenhagen has improved significantly thanks to some new openings and renovations. Because the city is so compact, most hotels are within walking distance of the center. The following hotels in Copenhagen are divided into three categories: Luxurious (over 1,500 Dkk) Moderate (800 to 1,500 Dkk) Inexpensive (up to 800 Dkk). These are… Read More »

Arrivals in Copenhagen

Arrival by plane Flights to Copenhagen are offered by SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss. Flight time From Frankfurt: 1 hour 20 minutes; from Vienna and Zurich each 1 hour 45 minutes Arrival by car / bus Motorways are marked with an “E” and two digits, federal highways with two digits against a yellow background and… Read More »

Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

Airport address: Copenhagen Airport, Lufthansboulevarden 6, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark Current: Terminal 1 is closed. All domestic flights are handled in terminals 2 and 3. Passengers can find more information on the airport website.   Information: Information desks (Tel: +45 3231 3231) are located in the arrival halls and in the transit halls of terminals 2 and 3.… Read More »