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See computerminus for Sweden political system.

Economy of Sweden

For 100 years, Sweden from a backward and one of the poorest countries in Europe, as it was in the middle. In the 19th century, where 70% of the population was employed in agriculture, it turned into one of the most developed industrial countries in the world with a high standard of living for the… Read More »

Sweden Economy and Communication

ECONOMY Business etiquette Business people usually speak English, and sometimes German. Business cards are common, and punctuality is very important in Sweden, a country located in Europe according to zipcodesexplorer. Almost all businesses close in July, the traditional holiday month. Stockholm Swedes pride themselves on their cooperative, egalitarian attitude in the workplace. In theory at… Read More »

Sweden Travel Guide

TRAVEL WARNING Current information Since the beginning of March 2016, Sweden has had an increased terror warning level. Travelers in Stockholm are asked to move around the city and on public transport carefully, avoid large crowds and in any case follow the instructions of the Swedish security forces. Particular attention and vigilance is required, especially… Read More »

Sweden Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Kingdom of Sweden. Capital Stockholm. Geography As a country located in Europe according to thesciencetutor, Sweden is bordered by Norway to the west, Finland to the north-east, the Baltic Sea to the east and the Skagerrak and Kattegat to the south and south-east. The national territory includes numerous islands,… Read More »

Kingdom of Sweden

Sweden is located in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Due to the north-south extension of more than 1500 km, the country has a great landscape and climatic diversity. There are numerous archipelagos off the long coast, especially in the east. The north of Sweden in particular is very sparsely populated. The capital Stockholm is… Read More »

Sweden Old History

The first historical notes on Sweden came to us from Roman writers who called it a “frozen land, inhabited by reindeer and bear hunters”. Only from the ninth century after Christ did the men of that country begin to know each other since with their very fast ships they sailed all the seas of Europe… Read More »