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Holidays and Weekends in Spain

January 1 – New Year Very often the Spaniards spend New Year’s Eve (Noche vieja) on the street, at various festivities, discos, restaurants and bars. Young people often gather in companies in the house of one of the participants in the celebration. In Madrid, a crowd of celebrating traditionally gathers in the central square of… Read More »

Economy of Spain

According to cheeroutdoor, Spain is an industrial-agrarian country with a developed, large-scale and diversified economy. In 2002, in terms of GDP ($796 billion at PPP), it ranked 5th in Western Europe and 13th in the world. GDP per capita – $ 19,400, which is 85% of the average level of the 4 leading European countries.… Read More »

Spain Brief Information

Spain is located in the southwest of Europe and occupies approximately 85% of the territory of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the Pitius and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Under the control of Spain are the cities of Ceuta and Melilla (in Morocco) and the islands… Read More »

Spain Literature Part II

In this sense, the narrative and, to a lesser extent, the theater also offer numerous and different confirmations. Indeed, it can be said that compared to poetry they act as a more immediate point of reference for a critical clarification, given the extreme eloquence of the contents that are proposed. Many uncertainties were already at… Read More »

Spain Literature Part I

On the Spanish literature of the years following the civil war and, subsequently, the immediate postwar period in Europe, the immobility of the internal situation always had a decisive weight: whoever was induced to decrease its importance in view of an autonomous consideration of the values ​​of narrative and poetry, would not only fall into… Read More »

Spain History – The Imperialism of the Habsburgs Part VII

Then the gravity of the situation began to be felt in the dominions of the king of Spain. The expulsion from the peninsula of the Moriscos, already persecuted for jealousy and rapacity decreed with a mad gesture by the government of Philip III (1609), had deprived Spain of half a million skilled farmers, made entire… Read More »

Spain History – The Imperialism of the Habsburgs Part VI

At the same time he moved against Elizabeth, who, in contrast to the religious program of the enemy, she had elevated herself as a supporter of all the Protestants of Europe, helped the Huguenots and insurgents of the Netherlands and had sown the seas of daring pirates, first of all the Drake, to annihilate the… Read More »

Spain History – The Imperialism of the Habsburgs Part V

According to THENAILMYTHOLOGY, religious intolerance and political absolutism, if they had been endured in Italy, where Spanish domination was either long-standing or supported by an army always held in arms, applied in countries, such as the northern provinces of the Netherlands, which had welcomed Calvinism with great fervor and enjoyed secular privileges, they determined a… Read More »

Spain History – The Imperialism of the Habsburgs Part IV

On the other hand, while he accepted for his own reigns the decrees of the Council of Trent (12 July 1564), adhering to the political traditions of Ferdinand and Charles V, he kept the Church under the direct control of the State and indeed increased the power of the monarch. in ecclesiastical affairs.Moriscos of the… Read More »

Spain History – The Imperialism of the Habsburgs Part III

Perhaps it will never be possible to reconstruct the drama experienced in the last years of his life by Charles V, whose energies seemed to slowly run out and who, gradually yielding his dominions to his brother and son Philip, stripped himself even before dying of his states. and withdrew from political life, which had… Read More »