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Mining Town of Banská Štiavnica (World Heritage)

Banská Štiavnica was founded by German miners in the 13th century and was an important center for gold and silver mining. Gunpowder was used here for the first time in the construction of tunnels in the 17th century, and a hundred years later steam engines drove the water pumps. The Mining Academy, founded in 1763,… Read More »

Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic has been an independent state since January 1st, 1993. It is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. The country is predominantly mountainous with the Western Carpathians and the high mountain range of the High Tatras. The climate is temperate continental with cold winters and warm summers. The country’s forests are severely affected… Read More »

Slovakia Old History

The first peoples who inhabited the region were of different lineages but all Celts. After the first years of the Christian era, the Gemanians arrived, especially the Quadi, who settled on the banks of the upper and middle Danube. Then they joined the Marcomanni, also scattered between the Danube, the Main and the Rhine, and… Read More »