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Irkutsk, Russia

According to Shoppingpicks.net, Irkutsk is located in Eastern Siberia on the banks of the Angara River, 66 km from Lake Baikal. In 1661, at the place where the Irkut River flows into the Angara, a Cossack prison was founded. Ostrog was named after the river – Irkutsk. In 1686, the prison received the status of… Read More »

Economy of Russia

Macroeconomic policy. At the beginning of the 21st century, according to cheeroutdoor, the Russian economy as a whole completed its adaptation to market forms of management and began to gradually overcome the transformational recession that had dragged on since the early 1990s. The crisis of 1998, which, on the one hand, began an influx of… Read More »

Russia Geopolitics

With a territory that extends over 17 million square kilometers, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, the Russian Federation is a continental-sized state, the largest in the world. It borders to the west, from north to south, with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan; to the south with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. Furthermore,… Read More »

Russian Literature During the 18th Century

The Western Influence The period of Peter I the Great marks a radical turning point in literature as well as in Russian history, but in literature its scope will only become visible in the following period. On the death of Peter I, the cultural gap between the Russia and the West, still abysmal when he… Read More »

Russia – From Yeltsin to Putin

The text of the new Constitution, promoted by President Yeltsin, was signed on November 8, 1993 and submitted to a referendum for popular approval on December 12 of the same year. The charter made Russia a highly centralized presidential republic, with the conferral of broad powers on the president, including the possibility of dissolving Parliament… Read More »

Russia Cinematography

A few months after its first appearance at the Grand Café in Paris, the Lumière brothers’ cinema made its entrance into the capital of the Russian Empire, sowing the same amazed bewilderment it had produced in the French city. It was May 4, 1896, and with the živye kartiny (living pictures) the opening of the… Read More »

Russia During the Reign of Alexander III

Alexander III, already at the time when he was hereditary prince, gathered around himself the most retrograde elements of the aristocracy and the most reactionary among the intellectuals. While some of his advisers and ministers (in the forefront Loris-Melikov) wanted to continue the policy of severe repression of revolutionary activity, not separated, however, by some… Read More »

Russia Economy and Communication

ECONOMY Business etiquette Correct clothing and punctuality are expected. English is the business language especially in management. Sometimes German is also spoken. It is advisable to have the appointments confirmed again and to bring business cards in Russian and German or English. Interpreting and translation services are available from various organizations, and payment is usually… Read More »

Russia Travel Guide

TRAVEL WARNING Country-specific safety instructions Travel restrictions Travel to the North Caucasus: When traveling to the federal district of the North Caucasus and neighboring regions, attention is drawn to the increased security risk. In particular, travel to Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria that is not absolutely necessary is strongly discouraged. There is a high security… Read More »

Getting to Russia

GETTING THERE Arriving by plane The national airline is called Aeroflot Russian Airlines (SU). (Internet: www.aeroflot.ru/eng/) Direct connections with Moscow from some German airports (Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover and Munich), from Zurich, Geneva and Vienna daily or several times a week; also direct connections with St. Petersburg. Aeroflot also operates flights between Moscow… Read More »