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See computerminus for Portugal political system.

Economy of Portugal

According to cheeroutdoor, Portugal is an industrial-agrarian country, one of the relatively underdeveloped economically in Western Europe. In 1974–75 the economy underwent profound transformations. The largest industrial and financial companies were nationalized. After joining the EU in 1986, the economy became more diversified with the predominant development of the service sector. The process of re-privatization… Read More »

World Heritage Sites in Portugal

History The Phoenician and Carthaginian trading post Alis Ubbo (“lovely bay”) is said to have been on the site or near today’s Lisbon, but it has not yet been proven archaeologically. Since 205 BC Under Roman rule, the city, a center of the Iberian Lusitans, was called Olisipo (also Olisippo, Olissipo), at the time of… Read More »

Republic of Portugal

The Republic of Portugal is located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula with mainland borders with Spain. In addition to mainland Portugal, the island groups of Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean belong to the national territory. Portugal is the poorest EU country with poorly developed agriculture. Foreign investment strengthened the industrial… Read More »

Portugal Old History

Almost nothing is known of the people who settled first in that part of the Iberian peninsula which corresponds to present-day Portugal. Nor is it known in what age they arrived there. They went down in history with the name of Lusitani and were warriors, always ready to fight for their freedom. Which they did… Read More »