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See computerminus for Moldova political system.

Entertainment and Attractions of Moldova

The main attractions of Moldova are ancient monasteries and vast vineyards, the latter not only for the production of wine, but also attract literally crowds of tourists as part of the extremely popular wine tours in the country.. A standard wine tour, in addition to visiting vineyards and producing and tasting drinks, includes visiting rock… Read More »

Moldova Human and Economic Geography

According to Shopareview.com, Moldova is an internal state of southeastern Europe. The 2004 census (not carried out, however, in the region of Transnistria, which proclaimed itself independent; see below: History) registered 3,383,332 residents; from an administrative point of view, the country has been divided since January 2003 into thirty-three districts, three municipalities (the capital Chişinău,… Read More »

Economy of Moldova

According to cheeroutdoor, Moldova is in the process of transition to a market economy. In 2002, relative growth was achieved in all sectors of the economy: the volume of GDP was 1,623.8 million dollars, GDP per capita was 448 dollars, inflation was 4.4%, and the average monthly wage was 691.9 lei, or 51 dollars. Moldova… Read More »

Moldova Old History

The first news of this area dates back to the mid-fourteenth century, when the founders of the Principality of Moldova created scattered villages, without any organization. This is explained by the fact that at that time the country was under the rule of the Tartars, nomads, essentially warriors, who occupied the entire eastern part of… Read More »