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Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje – the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia – lies in the valley of the mountain river Vardar. It traces its history back to the Roman fortress, which later became the center of the province of Dardania. During the Ottoman Empire, the city flourished, but in 1555 it was destroyed by an earthquake.… Read More »

Economy of Macedonia

Until 1945, Macedonia was an underdeveloped agricultural region, where handicrafts and trade were mainly present. Only 1% of the population was employed at 127 industrial enterprises. During the 2nd World War, almost all industry, most of the handicraft and trade were destroyed. After the war, under the new government, the accelerated industrialization of the country… Read More »

Macedonia Old History

Of the oldest history of Macedonia there is no certain information. The first known we are told that the Macedonians came into contact with the Greeks during the Persian and Peloponnese wars, therefore, if they have come down to us, the merit is all of the historians of the V century. The Kingdom of Macedonia,… Read More »