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See computerminus for Luxembourg political system.

Economy of Luxembourg

According to cheeroutdoor, Luxembourg is a highly industrialized country with stable economic growth, low inflation and low unemployment. In terms of GDP per capita (approx. 44 thousand dollars, 2002), it has the highest European indicator. Over the past half century, Luxembourg’s economy has undergone a number of major structural shifts. In the 1970s-80s. a systematic… Read More »

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Abbreviated as LU by ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Luxembourg is a small state in western Europe. Together with Belgium and the Netherlands, it forms the Benelux countries. The Grand Duchy is one of the strong industrial and service nations in the EU. The natural area is divided into the sparsely populated low mountain range of the Ösling in… Read More »

Luxembourg Old History

From the second century BC, the territory corresponding to present day Luxembourg was inhabited by a Celtic tribe. From the 1st century BC until the barbarian invasions it belonged to the Roman Empire. During the following period no events worth mentioning. From the fifth to the ninth century after Christ this territory, like all those… Read More »