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See computerminus for Italy political system.

5 Favorite Attractions in Rome, Italy

5 favorite places in Rome – Is it finally time to plan the trip to Rome you’ve been dreaming of forever? Do you long to stroll around a piazza and feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday? Welcome to the Eternal City! In a city where sights are endless, one of the most common mistakes… Read More »

Italian Islands and Cities

Arriving by plane : In the high season, planes depart several times a day from the Austrian airports to the airports on the mainland and the Italian islands. Depending on where you want to spend your vacation, you can, for example, head for Milan, Venice, Rome, Rimini or Naples. Arriving by car : uncomplicated and… Read More »

Republic of Italy

The Republic of Italy is located in southern Europe. Italy includes the southern part of the Alpine arc, the Po Valley, the Apennine Peninsula, the large islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and several smaller islands. The capital of the country is Rome. Earthquakes and diverse volcanic phenomena indicate the location in a weak zone in… Read More »

Italy Old History

Before the current one, the Italian peninsula had other names: Tirrenia, Ausonia, Opica, Esperia and Enotria. Later the name of Italy prevailed, it seems, from an Umbrian word “vitlus”, which means veal. And this is to signify the abundance of cattle in the country. At first Italy was called only the extreme point of today’s… Read More »