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Economy of Ireland

According to cheeroutdoor, Ireland is one of the small economically developed industrial and agricultural countries, largely dependent on foreign trade. In the 1990s The Irish government implemented a series of national economic programs aimed at curbing inflation, reducing public spending, improving the skills of the workforce and attracting foreign investment, resulting in high (on average… Read More »

Geography of Ireland

Ireland consists of a wide central lowland area, surrounded by ridges in several groups. The lowlands rarely rise above 120 meters, except in places where isolated mountain ridges and plateaus shoot up over the flat or undulating terrain. The bedrock is mostly limestone, often with karst phenomena such as underwater rivers and caves. The majority… Read More »

Republic of Ireland

The island of Ireland is part of the British Isles. It is divided into the greater Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of Great Britain. The capital of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin on the east coast. The island has a central lowland, which is mostly surrounded by mountain ranges. The… Read More »

Art in Ireland

Irish art history dates back to Stone Age culture, before agriculture was introduced in ca. 4000 BCE Over a thousand megaliths have been found, including Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and Creevykeel, where stones are decorated with geometric ornaments. Already here there are spiral patterns that were further developed in the Bronze Age (ca. 2000-500 BCE) and… Read More »

Music in Ireland

Ireland’s pubs and popular culture have become known throughout much of the world. To the right from Connemara on the west coast, to the left, music is played in the pub. The crew consists of traditional Irish drum (bodhran), banjo, accordion and flute. The Irish harp (documented in 700 AD) played an important role in… Read More »

Theater in Ireland

The establishment of an Irish theater There are old, popular storytelling and music traditions in Ireland that reflect the country’s ancient cultural history. Dramatic theater established itself in connection with the English colonization of the country from the 16th and 1600s, with the establishment of English-language theater in Dublin on the basis of the activities… Read More »

Movies in Ireland

Films have been shown in Ireland since 1896. The films have long been shown in music halls, but in 1909 the first cinema in Dublin opened with writer James Joyce as one of the initiators. The first fiction film was made in 1907, an early success was Walter McNamaras Ireland, a Nation (1914), which was… Read More »

Ireland Old History

Ireland, an island very close to England and not far from France, was, from 900 BC, a favorite destination for many Celtic adventurers who, when they arrived, subjected the natives and organized themselves into tribes. Each tribe had its leader and all the leaders always fought among themselves for supremacy. In the midst of this… Read More »

Ireland’s Irish-language literature

Irish literature actually includes two literatures, one in the original language, Irish Gaelic, and another in the language the English conquerors brought with them. This literature is often referred to as Anglo-Irish literature. Literature in Irish Irish literature extends over a year and a half. The first traces we find of the language are tombs in the… Read More »

Plant Life and Wildlife in Ireland

Plant life in Ireland Larger forests are rare in Ireland; heather, marsh and aquatic plants dominate. In the east, plant growth is largely the same as in England, in the west it has a stronger Atlantic feature, with plants that otherwise belong in Portugal. Farther to the southwest, some American species also occur in the… Read More »