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See computerminus for Hungary political system.

Economy of Hungary

According to cheeroutdoor, Hungary is a moderately developed industrial-agrarian state actively participating in international trade. GDP – 62.5 billion dollars, GDP per capita – 6.2 thousand dollars (2002). With a share of national production in world GDP of 0.15%, the share of the country’s foreign trade in world trade is 0.47% (2000). The inflation rate… Read More »

Republic of Hungary

Abbreviated as HU by ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Hungary is a landlocked country in south-eastern Europe. It is located in the Pannonian Basin and mainly includes the Hungarian lowlands. Theiss and Danube are the main rivers. Lake Balaton is one of the country’s tourist attractions. The climate of Hungary is temperate continental with partly Atlantic and partly Mediterranean… Read More »

Hungary Old History

In the eastern part of this land there is a large wild plain, called “Puszta”. Its appearance, now somewhat softened by a wider mechanized exploitation of the land, is not only of a physical nature, such as the scarcity of the rains, but numerous centuries of abandonment have contributed to making it so. The Magyar… Read More »