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Living in Georgia

Mode of Transport When you arrive at the airport in Tbilisi, taxis (30-50 GEL), trains and buses (N 37 0.5 GEL) drive into the city, from where you can take buses to other places in Georgia. The largest bus stations in the country are Okriba, Ortachala and Vagzali. If you land at night due to… Read More »

Georgia Everyday life

Society According to tradition, Saint Nino came to Georgia with a cross made of grapevines and she not only stands for the tradition of Christianization, but wine shaped an entire society. Georgian architecture, art, literature and everyday life are inextricably linked to this tradition. The grapevine stands for the past and is a symbol of… Read More »

Travel to Georgia

Stay healthy Before traveling to Georgia, vaccination recommendations and medical advice should be observed and, if necessary, the hepatitis A and B vaccinations and tetanus should be refreshed. There are increasing cases of TB but also hepatitis C. In an emergency, the Citizens’ Service of the Foreign Office is available for information: Arbeitseinheit 040, D-11013… Read More »

Georgia Entry and Residence Regulations

Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL), 1 Lari = 100 Tetri Exchange rate: 1 euro = 3.43 GEL (June 26, 2020) Time zone: UTC + 4 (no daylight saving time) Country code: +995 Climate (Tbilisi): dry, temperate continental climate ATTENTION – all travel regulations are currently suspended!: CORONA – Current situation in Georgia (current status via the… Read More »

Georgia Education and Languages

Georgia was a transit area and origin of Indo-European / Aryan tribes, belonged to the eastern sphere of influence of Mediterranean cultures, was a mission area of Christianity since the 1st century and since the 8th century the northern periphery of the Islamic world under Arab, Persian and Ottoman rule, until the 18th century In… Read More »

Georgia Culture

The culture of this relatively small country is as diverse as the nature, the linguistic and ethnic elements of Georgia. An excerpt could be experienced in many German cities in 2017/18 as part of the German-Georgian year of culture. Events can be found on the website of the Georgian Cultural Center Berlin. At the same… Read More »

Georgia Health and Social Services

CORONA – Current situation in Georgia (as of June 28, 2020) The Georgian government has declared a state of emergency in Georgia in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. Nationwide quarantine regulations have been in effect since March 30th and have been relaxed since June 23rd, 2020, and… Read More »

Georgia Women and Minorities

Country overview Georgia covers an area of around 70,000 km². This corresponds to the size of a German state like Bavaria. In the smallest of spaces, it offers breathtaking landscapes, pristine nature, a fascinating variety of architecture and ways of life. By moving closer to the EU, Georgia has confirmed the international convention against all… Read More »

Georgia Industry

The potential of the Georgian industry is still limited. Raw materials: agricultural: wine, tea, citrus fruits, nuts, cereals, vegetables, cattle and sheep mineral: coal, manganese, non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc), barite, petroleum, sands and earth Export goods (share in%) 2016: Ores, scrap, sands and soils: US $ 336.3 million (18.5% of total exports) Wine, Spirits: $… Read More »

Georgia Development Cooperation

The focus of international support – supported by the IMF – in the implementation of the State Program on Poverty Reduction and Economic Development 2003-2005 (strategy paper 2003) was the expansion of the energy sector (over 80% of all investments), economic reforms, poverty reduction, and health and education. Since Georgia’s independence until 2008, the EU… Read More »