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See computerminus for France political system.

Recommended Hotels in Paris

Paris has so many experiences to offer that it is difficult to choose between everything. A single city break in the French capital is simply not enough. Those who are enchanted by the metropolis of the world, and there are many of them, travel repeatedly, year in and year out. Here you can read about… Read More »

Republic of France

The third largest country in Europe in terms of area and population is located in the west of the continent. Basin landscapes and low mountain ranges make the landscape extremely diverse. The central region is the fertile, highly industrialized Paris basin, in which the capital Paris is located. In the south-east and south-west, the western… Read More »

France Old History

The territory corresponding to today’s France was inhabited in ancient times by various populations. From 1000 to 700 BC the Ligurians, Iberians, Phoenicians and Greeks settled there; the latter founded their most important colonies along the coasts, including Massilia, then Marseille, Nicaea, then Nice, and Antipolis, then Antibes. In the 6th century the Celts, warriors,… Read More »