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Economy of Czech Republic

According to cheeroutdoor, the Czech Republic is an industrialized country, it accounts for approx. 1% of world industrial output. The volume of GDP in 2001 at current prices was $56.4 million, or $5,305 per capita, and $14,042 at purchasing power parity. The private sector produces 79.8% of GDP. In 2001, the Czech Republic overcame the… Read More »

Transportation in Prague

Public transportation The inexpensive and efficient Prague public transport system is managed by Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy (DP) (Tel: 29 61 91 11 1. Internet: http://www.dpp.cz/de/) and consists of subways, trams, buses and the cable car on Petrín Hill. The integrated public transport system is in operation around the clock – night buses and… Read More »

Attractions in Prague

Sightseeing in Prague Josefov (Jewish Quarter) Until the end of the 19th century, the Jewish Ghetto was north of the Old Town Square. Many of the old buildings had to give way to Art Nouveau houses, but some of these old quarters have been preserved. A combi-ticket is available at the ticket office of the… Read More »

Czech Republic

Abbreviated as CZ by ABBREVIATIONFINDER, the Czech Republic is located in eastern Central Europe. The core landscape is the fertile Bohemian Basin, the center of which is the regional capital Prague. The Czech Republic is a highly industrialized country with an efficient agriculture. The burning of lignite mined in Northern Bohemia in thermal power stations… Read More »

City Tours and Excursions in Prague

City tours Tour by tram Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy offers tours of the historic tram line 91 through the city center. The round trip leads from Výstaviste to Malá Strana, then across the Vltava to the National Theater, then across Wenceslas Square and returns to Výstaniste via the Námestí republicky. The tram operates on… Read More »

Things to Do in Prague

Czech firearms are of a high standard and there are several shooting ranges in Prague (also outdoors). Better than the name suggests is the Rambo Shooting Range, Za porícskou branou 7, Prague 8 (Tel: 22 31 37 12), where you can spend a few enjoyable hours. Squash As this sport becomes more and more popular,… Read More »

Restaurants in Prague

Our selection includes 9 restaurants, which we have divided into three categories: inexpensive, moderate and expensive. This division is only intended as a guide, it is by no means official categories. All restaurant prices in Prague include 21% VAT. If a service charge of 10-12.5% ​​is added to the invoice total, the final amount is… Read More »

Czech Republic Old History

The history of Czechoslovakia is that of a small nation close to too powerful peoples. Its geographical position, between Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Russia, marked for the small nation a fate made of long and terrible struggles, but very often useless. In the VI century after Christ some Slavic tribes, coming from Asia, occupied… Read More »

Letiště Václava Havla Praha International Airport (PRG)

Airport address: Letiste Vaclava Havla Praha International Airport, Czech Airports Authority, 160 08 Praha 6, Czech Republic Current: Since April 2015, Prague Airport should have been connected to Prague via a metro line. However, the project was delayed. In November 2019, Babis announced the plan to connect the airport directly to Prague by rail. The… Read More »

Prague Hotels

Hotel prices in Prague usually include 5% VAT on room and breakfast, and 22% on other food and service (including the minibar) and local taxes. Some hotels give room prices in euros or dollars; however, you should pay with Czech crowns. The prices below refer to minimum prices for a double room, including taxes, but… Read More »