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What to See in Pleven and Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Pleven (Bulgaria) Pleven is located in the north of Bulgaria in the central part of the Danube plain near the river Vit. Most of this city is known in connection with the events of the Russian-Turkish war. About 200 monuments remind of the bloodiest battles that took place here. In the center of the city… Read More »

Economy of Bulgaria

In the 1990s in the process of social transformation there was a deep economic recession. The reasons for this are related to the inherited energy and import-intensive production, the loss of traditional sales markets, the difficulties of reorienting foreign trade relations to Western markets, where Bulgarian goods were not competitive enough. According to cheeroutdoor, the… Read More »

Republic of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is located in south-eastern Europe and is a predominantly mountainous country. The Danube forms the northern border, while the popular holiday resorts on the Black Sea coast are in the east. The most populous are the areas around Sofia in the west, Plovdiv in the south and along the Danube plain. From 1396 to… Read More »

Bulgaria Old History

The first formation of a Bulgarian state dates back to the second half of the seventh century, by the work of Isperich, son of Kubrat. The Bulgarians, a population of Mongolian origin, abandoned the Volga plain and managed to settle between the Danube and the Balkans. Due to its geographical position, between Europe and Asia,… Read More »