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See computerminus for Belarus political system.

Economy of Belarus

According to cheeroutdoor, the economic situation in Belarus in recent years is quite complex and contradictory. Under the influence of the financial crisis in the Russian Federation in August 1998, miscalculations in economic policy, changes in the external economic situation and other negative factors, economic growth observed from the 2nd half. 1996, slowed down significantly.… Read More »

Belarus Everyday Life

Living in Belarus How do you live in Belarus? In the villages, most of the people live in their own little wooden house. There are older houses in the city, especially in the centers, but they often only have small apartments with two rooms. In the past, even large families lived in such small apartments.… Read More »

Belarus History and Politics

First settlers and arrival of the Eastern Slavs The people who lived in the area of ​​what is now Belarus in the Stone Age were, as everywhere in Europe, in the 6th millennium BC. Settled down. Different cultures developed, which mainly belonged to the band ceramics, but also to the Dnepr-Don culture. Baltic tribes came… Read More »

Republic of Belarus

Abbreviated as BY by ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. As a former member of the USSR, it still has close ties to its eastern neighbor, Russia. Belarus lies in the area of ​​the Eastern European lowlands. The relief is formed by the Ice Age. Boggy lowlands and plains interrupted by moraines… Read More »


Belarus, Republic of Eastern Europe, Inland State bordering Poland in the west, Lithuania and Latvia in the northwest, Russia in the north and east and Ukraine in the south. Belarus became independent in 1991 when the Belarusian Socialist Soviet Republic declared independence from the Soviet Union. Throughout history, the territories that today make up Belarus… Read More »

Geography of Belarus

Belarus is a plain country that extends approximately 650 kilometers in the west-east direction. The landscape is clearly marked by the icing during the last ice age. Here are numerous low moraine ridges, evenly rounded drum lines, floating blocks and thousands of small lakes and swamps. The Belarusian ridges are a southwest-northeast moraine ridge that… Read More »

Literature of Belarus

Literature in Belarusian can be found in the later part of the Middle Ages, when the Belarusian areas were part of Lithuania. The Lithuanian Principality did not have its own written language, and Belarusian became its official language. The literature included religious writings, public and private documents. A central figure in the first half of… Read More »