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See computerminus for Austria political system.

Austrian Cuisine

International cuisine does not use the phrase Austrian cuisine. Instead, the concept Viennese cuisine is used. It became popular during the Congress of Vienna in the 19th century and immediately competed with French cuisine. Binding to the name of the city should not be misleading, because we are not talking about the culinary traditions of… Read More »

Economy of Austria

According to cheeroutdoor, Austria is one of the most developed countries in Europe. GDP per capita in 2002 amounted to 24.7 thousand euros (in 1995 prices). This figure is constantly growing (in 1990 it was 20.1 thousand euros, in 1995 – 21.4 thousand euros), and in US dollars at current prices and at purchasing power… Read More »

Austria Economy and Communication

ECONOMY Business etiquette Spring and fall are best for business trips. Salzburg The Austrians are very formal when dealing with strangers, in conversation and correspondence one always uses the name and (academic) title (Frau Doktor, Herr Magister, Herr Studienrat, Frau Ministerialrätin). Accordingly, business partners should be addressed by their full name and title, at least… Read More »

Austria Travel Guide

TRAVEL WARNING Overview Austria Current information Germany and Austria have temporarily reintroduced border controls. The controls take place differently depending on the border crossing. This can lead to disabilities and long waiting times in travel. For more information, go to: External link, opens in a new windowSituation at the borders Travelers are advised to find… Read More »

Getting to Austria

GETTING THERE Arriving by plane The national airline Austrian Airlines (OS) (Internet: www.aua.com/de/deu) flies to Austria from most of the major cities in Germany and Switzerland. Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg are served by international air traffic, e.g. by Lufthansa (LH), Eurowings (EW) and Swiss (LX). Air Berlin (AB) flies from numerous major… Read More »

Austria Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Republic of Austria. Capital Vienna. Geography As a country located in Europe according to constructmaterials, Austria borders Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy Almost half of this mountainous region is covered by forest, the highest point being the Grossglockner at 3798 m.… Read More »

Austria Everyday Life

How do people in Austria live? Everyday life in Austria is not very different from that in Germany. The biggest differences are probably in the language, because in Austria a few different words or expressions are used. But communication usually works well when Germans and Austrians are talking. Two thirds of Austrians live in a… Read More »

Austria Animals and Plants

Nature in Austria According to COUNTRYAAH, Austria is a country located in Western Europe. The Alps take up a large part of Austria (63 percent). The flora and fauna here is therefore alpine. With the Alpine foothills and flat plains such as the Vienna Basin, Austria also has completely different landscapes to offer with a nature… Read More »

Republic of Austria

Austria is located in Central Europe and stretches from Lake Constance to Lake Neusiedl. Two thirds of the country are in the Alps. However, the population is mainly concentrated in the basin and low mountain ranges as well as the large Alpine valleys. 20% of all Austrians live in the metropolitan area of ​​the capital… Read More »

Austria Old History

AEIOU: the 5 vowels are the initials of the Latin words that form a famous Austrian motto: “Austriae Est Imperare Orbi Universo”, that is “it is the fate of Austria to command the whole world”. Some traces of huts built on stilts, discovered in the alpine lakes, show that the Austrian region had been inhabited… Read More »