Sights of Breda, Netherlands

By | November 16, 2022

There is always something going on in the Brabant Burgundian city of Breda. If it’s not on the Grote Markt, it is in one of the many museums in the city. The beautiful green city park and the many canals that run through the city give Breda a cozy and urban appearance that it deserves. Many of the sights are located in and around the center, making it all within walking distance. The many historic facades and buildings give each street a special appearance. Especially for lovers of shopping and terraces will get their money’s worth in this wonderful city. The fact that Breda is worth it as a city trip destination is apparent from the story ‘ Breda in 12 hours: the highlights of Breda.’. This Brabant city is discovered by bicycle and on foot. The handy timeline and the many photos provide an inspiring report of a day in Breda.

According to, Breda is perfect for cycling. The cycling tour ‘ Highlights of Breda ‘ is widely booked. With an experienced and enthusiastic guide you will travel to Breda by bike. You will hear many fascinating facts about Breda and the history of the city along the way.

Breda ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Large market

Especially when the weather is nice, the cozy Grote Markt is well filled with people. This bustling square in the heart of the center is known for its cozy terraces and good dining options. The square is regularly the setting for many festivals such as Breda Jazz, Harley Davidson day Breda and during the carnival. The square has a very pleasant atmosphere due to the trees present. Special sights that are located on this Grote Markt are the war monument ‘Judith with the head of Holofernes, the old town hall where people still regularly get married and of course the Church of Our Lady.

#2. Port

The city’s harbor is also located in the beautiful historic center of Breda. Various tour boats take you through the harbor along the Spanjaardsgat and the many monumental buildings that can be found along the banks. One of Breda’s oldest streets is even named after the harbour. Nowadays, many restaurants and the associated cozy terraces can be found in this Haven street. The old fish hall can be found on the corner of the Haven and the Vismarktstraat. The catch of the day used to be traded here. In 2007, a festive opening of the Port took place. The Port has been filled in from 1965 to 2007.

#3. Municipal Museum Breda

After the merger of the MOTI Museum and the Breda’s Museum in 2017, a powerful city museum was created where you can study the history of Breda and also enjoy all kinds of art. The Stedelijk Museum Breda is housed in one of Breda’s older buildings: De Beyerd. This used to be a guest house for men in need, such as the sick and the homeless. Nowadays the museum of Breda is located here. In addition to the permanent collection, there is room for temporary exhibitions downstairs. You can see which exhibitions are currently taking place on the museum’s website.

#4. Beguinage

The historic Begijnhof of Breda is located on the edge of the huge Valkenberg park. Here you will find small houses, a church and some courtyards with a herb garden. Around the twelfth century, Catholic women lived here who led their lives in the sign of faith. They often lived quite austere and simple lives. The first houses were built around 1535. In the eighteenth century a floor was added. The wash house, the bleaching field and the herb garden show that they did a lot to support themselves. The Begijnhof Museum can be found at Catharinastraat 29. Here you can see the living conditions such as a living room and kitchen.

#5. Park Valkenberg

Behind the Castle of Breda lies the beautiful city park Park Valkenberg. In this wonderful resting place of the city you will find a beautiful fountain, remnants of defense towers, statues of Hercules, the Barony Monument and playgrounds. This park is often passed by people who are on their way to the city center via the train station.

#6. Breda Castle

Very early in its history, this castle with its beautiful moat is known for its warm relationship with members of the House of Orange-Nassau. The castle was built around 1350 and served as the residence of the Dutch nobleman Jan van Polanen. In the years that followed, a number of adjustments and renovations were made. The castle of Breda has fulfilled the function of military barracks for many years. Nowadays the castle is known as an institute for military purposes and is partly open to the public during the Brabantse Kasteeldagen.

#7. Church of Our Lady

Right in the center on the Grote Markt is the most important monument of the city. Construction started around the year 1410 and took several years. After that, of course, various adjustments and restorations took place. Dozens of members of the family of Hendrik III van Nassau-Breda are buried in the chapel. Both the outside and the inside are very beautifully decorated. The biggest showpiece of this Church of Our Lady is the painting about the history of the Sacrament of Niervaert, which is located in the Nievaart chapel.

#8. Blind Walls Gallery

It is often said that ‘the art is in the street’. In the case of Breda, that is certainly the case. So-called ‘murals’ have been applied at various places in the streetscape of the city. You mainly see these murals on so-called blank walls. The often colorful works of art are therefore applied to the sides and backs of buildings, which would often play no further role. In this way, a fun interpretation is given that is often visually attractive. Sometimes the artist mainly wants to convey a message. The wall art of Breda together forms an open-air museum called Blind Walls Gallerycalls. Via a downloadable app you can use your smartphone to see where the artworks are located in Breda.

#9. ‘t Sas

It is generally known that Breda is a great shopping city. But if you are looking for something more than the standard large chains have to offer, you should definitely not miss a visit to ‘t Sas. In this cozy courtyard you will find slightly more upmarket shops and a beautifully situated terrace. Especially during the summer months, the terrace is very popular for enjoying a delicious lunch or dinner. Spending the night is even possible.

#10. The Baroness

The luxurious indoor shopping center of the city is located near the chic shopping square ‘t Sas. Here in the Baroness many chains with a building are represented. But various small entrepreneurs also offer their wares. The shopping center can be entered from various entrances and exits. Two are located on Nieuwstraat, one on Lange Brugstraat and one on Karrestraat.

Breda, Netherlands