Nightlife in Prague

By | December 12, 2019

The popularity of places changes very quickly in Prague. Since rents in the city center are now very high, almost all clubs around Wenceslas Square had to close or move to other parts of the city. The restaurants can be roughly divided into three groups: the expensive ones (for new rich Czechs and tourists), the cheap and shabby ones (for young (backpack) tourists and foreigners living in Prague) and the inexpensive and innovative ones (for young Czechs and good ones) informed tourists). Many bars are open long (until 2 a.m. or 4 a.m.), night clubs even longer (until 5 a.m. / 6 a.m.). Dress codes and entrance fees hardly play a role in Prague’s nightlife. The legal minimum age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Prague is 18 years.

Cultural event

Music has always played an important role in the Czech Republic. Prague is an extremely musical city. There are concerts in abundance, but that’s not all by far – ?? Street musicians can be seen everywhere, and you are always surrounded by music on the streets, squares and bridges. Classical sounds, performed by talented students of the conservatory, mix with Dixieland jazz, folk music, world music and pop.

One of the biggest festivals in the world ?? the Prague Spring Music Festival (Internet: ) ?? maintains a first-class musical tradition. Every year the festival begins on May 12, the anniversary of the death of the composer Smetana in 1884. In the opening concert, his great cycle of symphonic poems, Mein Land , is always played. Another festival is the Prague Autumn (Internet: ) in September, at which many Czech and international performers also perform. Since it doesn’t take place during peak season, it’s a slightly more relaxed event.

Tickets are at Cedok (s. Attractions ) and Ticketpro , Salvátorská 10, Prague 1 (tel: 224 81 40 20 Internet: ) available. The Bohemia Ticket International (BTI) ticket agency , Na príkope 16, Prague 1, is the only one where you can book with a credit card from abroad (tel: 224 22 78 32. Internet:, however a substantial booking fee is required. The ticket prices are at agencies i. generally higher, especially for foreigners, so you can save a lot by going directly to the ticket office of the event location. Tickets that are not sold can often be purchased 30 minutes before the performance. This is particularly worthwhile at the National Theater.

Weekly lists of all music events (in English) can be found in The Prague Post , monthly event information in Do mesta (in Czech).



The quaint cellar bar Kozicka, Kozi 4, Prague 1, is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Address: Kozi 4, Prague

Belle Epoque

In the stylish Belle Epoque, Krízovnická 8, Prague 1, excellent steaks are served in addition to drinks.

Address: Krízovnická 8, Prague


On one of the Vltava islands is the Ostroff cocktail bar, Strelecký ostrov, Prague 1, one of the best and noblest bars in the city.

Address: Strelecký ostrov, Prague


Bugsy’s, Parízská 10, Prague 1, with its more than 200 different cocktails, attracts mainly business people with lavish expense accounts.

Address: Parízská 10, Prague


Ruby, Malostranské námestí 9, Prague 1, with a dance floor is particularly popular with young Czechs.

Address: Malostranské námestí 9, Prague


La Habana

La Habana, Mísenská 12, Prague 1, is a popular Latino club.

Address: Mísenská 12, Prague

Palac Acropolis

A lot of world music is currently being played in both clubs and bars with live music – an interesting trend that is likely to continue for a while. Prague has a lot of lousy discos for the poorly informed, but the clubs are a popular alternative. The best club for world music is the Acropolis, Kubelíkova 27, Prague 3, a complex of buildings with concert halls, bars and a café.

Address: Kubelíkova 27, Prague


The Latino Club Mánes, Masarykovo nábrezi 250, Prague 1, is a functionalist gallery from the 1930s that is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Address: Masarykovo nábrezi 250, Prague


The Roxy, Dlouhá 33, Prague 1, is popular with the dance enthusiasts and has a hidden tea house.

Address: Dlouhá 33, Prague

Radost / FX

One of the few clubs that survived the first period after the revolution is Radost / FX, Belehradská 120, Prague 2, with its glamorous mix of house and techno. It also houses a vegetarian restaurant and an art gallery.

Address: Belehradská 120, Prague

Live music

Palac Acropolis

In addition to its three bars, the Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 1548/27, offers live music of various styles every evening.

Address: Kubelíkova 1548/27, Prague

Malostranské beseda

In Malostranské beseda, Malostranské námestí, Prague 1, everything from jazz to rock is played.

Address: Malostranské námestí, Prague

Lucerna music bar

The Lucerna music bar, Vodickova 36, ​​Prague 1, serves a diverse mix of excellent jazz, rock and 80s music. There is also plenty of room to dance.

Address: Vodickova 36, ​​Prague


Jazz has been popular in Prague since the 1920s. Although the jazz scene has become smaller due to the increase in rock and pop pubs, excellent places where you can hear jazz and blues in the evenings can still be found. The best jazz club in town is without a doubt AghaRTA, Krakovská 5, Prague 1.

Address: Krakovská 5, Prague

Jazz & blues café

A very good program and excellent sound make up for the terrible furnishings in the Jazz & Blues Café, Na príkope 23, Prague 1.

Address: Na príkope 23, Prague

U staré paní

The local musicians often meet for a late night jam session at U staré paní, Michalská 9, Prague 1.

Address: Michalská 9, Prague


The Reduta, Národní trída 20, Prague 1, is still known as the place where ex-President Clinton played the saxophone for President Havel; this place should otherwise be left to tourists.

Address: Národní trída 20, Prague

První Prague Country Saloon America

You don’t know why, but cowboys have been very popular in the Czech Republic since the 1920s. The První Prague Country Saloon America, Korunní 101, Prague 3, is only open until 11:00 p.m., but you can still spend an exuberant evening with country and western music.

Address: Korunní 101, Prague

Classical music

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra is a world-class orchestra. They are located in the neo-classical Rudolfinum, Alsvo nábrezí 12, Prague 1.

Address: Alsvo nábrezí 12, Prague

Prague Symphony Orchestra

The Prague Symphony Orchestra is a world-class orchestra. It has now returned to its old headquarters, the Smetana Hall in Obecní dum, Námestí republicky 5, Prague 1.

Address: Námestí republicky 5, Prague
Telephone: 222 00 21 01

St. Nicolas Church

The event venues with frequent chamber music performances include the St. Nicolas Church, Kostel sv. Mikuláse, Staromestská námestí, Prague 1.

Address: Staromestská námestí, Prague

Nostic palace

Chamber music performances are often performed in the Nostic Palace, Maltézské námestí 1, Prague 1.

Address: Maltézské námestí 1, Prague
Telephone: 224 51 01 31

St. Agnes Monastery (Kláster sv. Anezky ceské)

Chamber music performances are often performed at St. Agnes Monastery (Kláster sv. Anezky ceské), U milosrdných 17, Prague 1.

Address: U milosrdných 17, Prague
Telephone: 224 81 08 35

Chapel of the Mirrors (Zrcadlová kaple)

Chamber music concerts are often held in the baroque chapel of the mirrors (Zrcadlová kaple) in the Clementinum, Mariánské námestí, Prague 1.

Address: Mariánské námestí, Prague
Telephone: 221 66 31 11



Ponec, Husitská 24A, Prague 3, a new performance location that belongs to the Tanec Praha dance troupe, always presents a varied and demanding program with Czech and foreign troops.

Address: Husitská 24A, Prague
Telephone: 224 81 78 86

U Marcanu

Folklore shows, in which lively dance and music are combined with colorful costumes, have not lost their vitality despite the high demand from tourists and have not lost their high standard. The Restaurace U Marcanu, Veleslanínská, 14, Prague 6, hosts shows with a traditional Czech dinner all year round for a reasonable fixed price.

Address: Veleslanínská 14, Prague
Telephone: 236 79 10

Divadlo na Klárove

In summer there are excellent folklore performances in the Divadlo na Klárove Theater, Nábrezí Edvarda Benese 3, Prague 1.

Address: Nábrezí Edvarda Benese 3, Prague
Telephone: 253 80 46

Divadlo u hasicu

In summer there are excellent folklore performances in the Divadlo u hasicu theater, Rimská 45, Prague 2.

Address: Rimská 45, Prague
Telephone: 25 51 41 266; 25 51 41 286


Misery Loves Company

The theater company Misery Loves Company, Celetna 17, Prague 1, which plays in different venues, presents high-quality productions of foreign plays and Czech works in English translation.

Address: Celetna 17, Prague
Telephone: 224 80 91 68