Netherlands Travel Guide

By | November 20, 2019

Looking for a European destination to spend your next vacation? So, get to know the beauties and attractions of the Netherlands!

Who has never been enchanted by those classic pictures of beautiful colorful tulip gardens that seem endless? Or, did you want to see beautiful landscapes with farms and windmills in the background? Or did you want to ride a bike through the canals and streets of this charming European country? How about trying delicious cheeses typical of the region?

There is plenty of reason to visit the Netherlands, also known as the Netherlands. In fact, much of their land is below sea level. In the same vein, being a nation with a small territorial extension, it is possible to know all the main cities or sights easily, by train, bus or car.

An interesting curiosity is that the territory of this country was increased through the construction of dykes, that is, sea land was used as a landfill, with the objective of expanding its surface, a process that is still happening.

Want to know how to travel more? Painted the desire to organize a trip to get to know the attractions of the Netherlands? You’re in the right place! This article will act as a guide where you will be presented the main information involving this small country.

This way, you can start assembling your itinerary with lots of useful information, such as the best time to know the Netherlands, its main tourist cities, the biggest attractions of each city, how to buy tickets there. Keep up!

How to travel to the Netherlands?

There are several airlines that have routes between Brazil and the Netherlands, such as TAP, IBERIA, BRITISH AIRWAYS, AIR FRANCE, ALITALIA and DELTA. However, the only one that makes the right route is the Dutch company KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES, departing from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In fact, many of them stop at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam’s capital, then move on to another final destination.

Similarly, it is very common for companies to offer a one- to five-day break in the Netherlands (this is the famous stop over). It is an excellent opportunity to take a break in this country and learn a little more about its main sights and the charms that the region has to offer. However, the great truth is that the Netherlands has many beautiful cities to visit that require much more time to see everything with the calm it deserves.

Travel time from Brazil to Amsterdam depends on the departure city. So, for example, the right route between Sao Paulo – Amsterdam usually takes about 12 hours. Once within Dutch territory, you can easily move between cities by train, bus and car, as we said in the introduction to this text.

The Dutch railway network is well developed and communicates with the main cities of the country. Tickets can be purchased easily over the internet (even while still in Brazil, which helps to better organize the trip). Similarly, highways have good paving quality and good signage, which aids in car travel.

Why travel to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is considered an eclectic, tolerant and liberal country. Of course, this is all allowed as long as it is within good coexistence and social relationship.

From the capital Amsterdam to the numerous red light districts and coffee shops, through the developed The Hague, the picturesque Delft, the Kinderdijk-Elshout mill network and Rotterdam, there are plenty of reasons to see the cities of the Netherlands. .

It is one of the smallest nations in all of Europe (about 42,508 square kilometers in area). However, the reduced territory is no obstacle to the cultural, architectural and historical importance that the Netherlands has for the entire European continent and for the world.

In addition, the Netherlands boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Here are some examples:

  • Schokland and Surroundings;
  • Amsterdam Line of Defense;
  • Kinderdijk-Elshout Mill Network;
  • Willemstad Old Town, Old Town and Harbor, Netherlands Antilles;
  • DF Wouda Steam Pumping Station;
  • Beemster Polder;
  • Rietveld Schröder House;
  • Wadden Sea;
  • 17th Century Concentric Channels Zone in the Interior of the Singelgracht in Amsterdam.

When is the best time to travel to the Netherlands?

The summer months in Europe (second half of June, July, August and first half of September) correspond to the high season and are considered the best months for a trip through the Netherlands.

The problem is that the values ​​go up a lot too. So make good financial planning and get ready. This is the time when temperatures are warmer and warmer. The low usually reaches 15º C, and the maximum reaches 30º C.

In turn, winter has very low temperatures, reaching even negative minimum temperatures in the thermometer. In this period, the maximum is about 5 ° C only. So if you do not feel well in the cold, discomfort can disrupt your enjoyment. Of course, there are clothes suitable for low temperatures that can help you to get around very low thermal sensations.

If you want to come to the Netherlands in a milder climate (not too cold, not too hot), prefer spring or fall. In spring, there are several festive events, such as King’s Day, where the streets are colorful and lively, especially in shades of orange.

What are the requirements for traveling to the Netherlands?

If you are Brazilian and do not have European citizenship, you need to be aware of some documents that are usually required by the immigration officer upon arrival at the Netherlands airport.

If this is your first international trip, you need not worry. Just collect all the necessary documents and take them with you in your carry-on bag. The agent may ask you some basic questions, such as the reason for the trip, how many days you will stay at your destination and the name of the hotels you will be staying at, for example. Just answer everything right and go your way normally.