Leeds Travel Guide

By | April 13, 2021

What do you associate with the arch-British city of Leeds? For most people, the answer to that question will be football, and the city once had a large team that was very popular with many Norwegians (and which of course still is). According to Abbreviation Finder, Leeds is so much more than that, and it’s a big city with everything from a hectic nightlife to cultural attractions and historical sites.

Leeds is home to over 470,000 Britons, but is still a relatively small city. The city center itself is cramped and the distances from one attraction to another are not necessarily that great. The city has many well-preserved memories from the Middle Ages, which can be experienced both through architecture and museums. As with the rest of Ball Island, Leeds is not known for its hospitable climate, but during the summer months, temperatures can ensure a pleasant (and perhaps rain-free) stay.


Recommended hotels in Leeds

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Leeds City CenterPopular chain hotel with a good standard in the center of Leeds. Nice rooms, and central location. This hotel is widely used by Norwegians as on a football trip to Leeds. The hotel gets very good feedback.
  • Dakota Leeds-Nice and relatively new four star hotel with a central location in the center of Leeds. Here you live in the middle of nowhere, while the hotel is in a quiet area. Simply a modern and wonderful hotel with good feedback from guests who have stayed there.
  • Mansio Suites Basinghall- Good value aparthotel in the heart of Leeds. The apartments are spacious, with good facilities. If you want to live in an apartment when you are in Leeds, this is a good alternative.

Leeds Travel

It is usually difficult to find direct flights to Leeds from Oslo, so it will be easiest to take direct flights from Oslo Airport to Manchester, and then take rural roads to Leeds. The flight takes just over two hours, while you also have to add a train ride of about an hour. This makes the travel time a bit long for just a long weekend, but it is certainly possible. The official currency in England is known to be the British pound.

As England’s third largest city, Leeds will not be perceived as particularly cheap for Norwegians. The price level is generally lower than in Norway, especially for food, beer and taxis, but when shopping you will not be “shocked” at how little things cost. You travel mostly safely as a tourist in Leeds, but you should take the usual precautions as it should be when you are on a trip. Furthermore, it is completely safe to drink tap water in the city and the country in general.

Hotels and restaurants in Leeds

Leeds is a modern city with many luxury hotels. Several large hotel chains have houses in the city center, but it is also no problem to get cheaper accommodation in some cheaper tourist hotels. As a rule, you have to sacrifice both location and standard if you want to stay cheaper, but you can get a great stay for around 500 kroner / night per person.

English cuisine is hardly known to Norwegians for anything other than a typical “English breakfast”. And of course this is something you should enjoy when you are on holiday in Leeds! Beyond this, Leeds is a modern metropolis, and has everything from affordable eateries to a whole bunch of luxury restaurants. The city also has many Italian restaurants in particular, and the famous celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has his own restaurant right in the center.

Attractions in Leeds

While many travel to Leeds with one goal in mind – a football match on Elland Road – the city has so much more to offer, with everything from museums to green parks and historical sites.

Leeds City-museet

Leeds City-museet

If you are interested in history, a visit to Leeds City Museum will be very interesting for you. Here you will be taken on a journey back 3,000 years in time, where you will learn more about both local and global history. Many unique objects of historical importance are on display here, and also bring with you the entire city’s famous tiger which is on display here.

Shopping in Leeds – Trinity Centre

Trinity Centre

If you want to go shopping in Leeds, you should stop by Trinity Center. Here you have hundreds of different stores to choose from, with well-known stores such as Primark, Foot Locker, Adidas and a number of others. You will also find a rich selection of different restaurants at this center.

Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery

Art lovers will enjoy visiting Leeds Art Gallery. There is an extensive exhibition of paintings and works of art from all over the world, and the museum is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Leeds.

Weapons and Armor Museum

Weapons and Armor Museum

A more “general” museum is the Royal Armories, which is definitely one of the most visited attractions in the city. It contains Britain’s largest collection of armor and weapons from several centuries ago. In total, you can see over 75,000 different objects that have been used in different kinds in different places on the globe!

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park

What is a big city without an extensive park? Roundhay Park stretches over 700 hectares of land, and is an extensive green area with both lakes, rivers and forests. Not least, there is also a small castle here, an old mansion and one of the country’s largest nurseries. Perfect for a hike in Leeds!