Italy Tourist Information

By | March 23, 2022

Italy: location. According to Thesciencetutor, Italy is located in the southern part of Europe. The country’s neighbors are 4 states: Austria, France, Slovenia, Switzerland and 2 small enclave states located directly on Italian territory – San Marino and the Vatican (in Rome).

Italy: capital. The capital of the country is one of the most ancient and popular cities among tourists – Rome. The most interesting sights of Rome, of course: preserved from 80 AD. the Colosseum amphitheater, the Pantheon temple, one of the most beautiful fountains in Europe Trevi and the Turtle Fountain, the Roman Forum and Piazza Navona.

Italy: language. The official language of the country is Italian, many residents speak English quite well, especially workers in the tourism sector, restaurants and others.

Italy: visa. A visa to Italy for Ukrainians is issued through the Consulate of Italy. Necessary documents for a visa to Italy for tourists: a questionnaire with two color photographs; a document confirming the place of residence (for example, a hotel reservation); certificate of employment or income statement; certificate of financial guarantee at the time of stay in the country; insurance policy; booking tickets; copies and provision of originals of foreign and internal passports. The cost of a tourist visa to Italy is 35 euros (consular fee), the duration of stay in the country is up to 90 days. A visa fee is paid separately, which is about 627 hryvnia

Italy: climate and seasonality. The weather in Italy in spring does not fall below +15 and reaches an average of +23. It is also quite warm in winter – about +9, rarely when the temperature can drop a little lower, but there are practically no frosts. In the coldest autumn month, November, in the capital of Italy, the temperature of the thermometer usually stays at around +15 – +19. The most beachy, but not too hot weather in summer is from +26 to +31. The sea is also warm in summer – about +24.

Italy: time. The time difference between Kiev and Rome is +1 hour (in Kyiv it is one hour longer).

Italy: currency. The official currency in Italy is the Euro.

Italy: tips. Tipping in Italy in most cases is included in the bill at a rate of 10% (“for service”). Among tourists and local residents in large cities, it is customary to leave about 5% on top, if, of course, they liked the service. In hotels, the situation is about the same.

Italy: mobile communication and internet. The most convenient option would be to buy a SIM card on the spot from one of the largest operators in Italy and other European countries – Vodafone. The advantage is that this operator has the largest coverage in the country and the most suitable tariffs. You can, for example, choose the Flexi Digital tariff for 15 euros, in which you get 2 GB of 4G Internet, 400 minutes for calls from Italian operators and 100 SMS. Considering that most cafes and establishments have free Wi-Fi, this amount of Internet will be enough (the next 200 MB in the tariff for 2 euros). Calls to Ukraine – 18 cents per minute and 19 cents connection.

Emergency numbers in Italy – for the rescue service 112. Separately, the police can be called by number – 113, ambulance – 118, firefighters – 115, technical assistance on the roads (if you rent a car) – 116.

Italy: electrical network. The sockets in the country are standard European, the mains voltage is 230 V.

Italy: clothing etiquette. There are no restrictions in terms of clothing in Italy.

Italy: official holidays and festivals. The main and most important holidays are Christmas (25.12) and the European New Year (1.01). Christmas in Italy is usually celebrated in the family circle. Before and after the holiday, there are traditional fairs and huge Christmas sales of popular clothing brands and other goods. Easter (April-May) and Halloween (31.10-1.11) are also celebrated. The Independence Day of Italy (April 25) is also brightly celebrated with a parade, fireworks, concerts and mass celebrations. The following festivals in Italy will also be interesting:

  • In late January – early February, one of the most beautiful and large-scale carnivals in Venice. Carnival in Italy is accompanied by a huge number of participants and tourists coming from all over the world, luxurious costumes and spectacular events, such as a parade of decorated traditional Italian boats.
  • In the first days of July (in 2016, the date is from July 1 to July 3), the Pink Night takes place in the city of Rimini. During the holiday, you will find a lot of parties with the best Italian DJs, bright pink paraphernalia that decorates all the streets, fireworks and shows.
  • In June, the city of Pisa hosts the Joco Del Ponte Historical Reenactment Festival, which is attended by almost 1,000 people and… horses. You will find a parade in traditional costumes of the Medieval era, visualization of battles, battles and competitions. In 2016, the Gioco del Ponte festival of Italy falls on 25.06.
  • In September, the pizza festival takes place in the city of Naples (in 2016, the dates are from 09/06 to 09/11). At the festival, every tourist will be able to try all kinds of pizzas prepared by chefs from the best restaurants and pizzerias in the country. About 100 thousand tourists become guests of the festival every year.
  • In late August – early September, one of the most famous film festivals in the world, the Venice Biennale, takes place. Films from all over the world (author’s, short and full-length films) are fighting for the “golden lion”. The festival is taking place on the Lido Island, and hotel reservations must be made at least a few months in advance. For ordinary tourists and viewers, not all films are available, but a very considerable number. There are both free sessions and those costing about 20 euros.

Italy Tourist Information