How to Get to Vienna

By | February 2, 2020


Daily flights - with connections in Europe - depart from the main Brazilian cities to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Dutch company KLM, for example, promotes flights from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with connections in Amsterdam. The German Lufthansa makes connections at Frankfurt airports, while the Portuguese TAP, in Lisbon.

Those already on the continent can take advantage of promotions from low cost airlines such   as Transavia, EasyJet, Flybe, etc.

International Train

Accessing Vienna by train, if you are already on the mainland, can end up being much more practical and cheaper than taking a plane. Especially if you are in countries like Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. To check timetables, prices and also purchase your ticket easily and safely, visit the  website  of the  Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

More information can be obtained by calling + 43-5-17 17 (for those outside Austria).


Eurolines promotes bus trips from various locations in Europe to Vienna, Austria. A good alternative for those who want to save money and have more time. To find out about departure times, prices and also purchase your ticket, click here.


Accessing the capital of Austria by car can be a good alternative for those who want to explore the beauty of the interior of the country, but not for those who want to get around Vienna efficiently and cheaply. That’s because the local public transport system serves the tourist very well, in addition, to park you will have to pay a few euros.