How to Get to Rhodes, Greece

By | February 1, 2023

According to CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW, almost all travelers arrive in Rhodes by plane. The airport is connected with Moscow by daily direct flights, and with transfers in Athens, Thessaloniki or Riga, you can also get from other Russian cities. RODA buses run from the air harbor to the center of the capital, you can also use a taxi, transfer or rented car.

In addition, ferries from Athens and some Turkish cities, such as Marmaris, Fethiye or Bodrum, arrive at the main seaport of the island.


Although Rhodes is not half as big as Crete, but, alas, legs alone are not enough to explore all its beauties. Fortunately, the island has a well-developed public transport network, car and motorcycle rentals are ubiquitous, and tourists also do not refuse the services of taxi drivers or travel agencies.


Traveling by bus in Rhodes is not such a bad idea. Of course, the schedule here is compiled primarily for the needs of local residents, and not tourists, but you can get to the desired point, although not every day (in particular, buses practically do not run on Sundays). There are two stations in the center of the capital, from where flights all over the island start – East and West (oddly enough, the East Coast resorts, including Faliraki, depart from the West Station). The fare is around the city from 2 EUR, for the farthest distances – about 20 EUR. Routes and directions can be found at carrier’s website.

Stops on the roads are marked, but it doesn’t hurt to wave your hand to the driver, as well as to tell you to get off. In large resorts, there are several stops at once (in Faliraki as many as three), it is not necessary to go to the first one, but it is better to check in advance.


Taxis are a good way not only to get from point A to point B, but also to explore the surroundings, if for some reason you don’t like group tours, and the tourist doesn’t want to drive a car or motorcycle. For example, a one-way trip from Rhodes to the acropolis in Lindos costs 35-50 EUR, plus 20 EUR waiting for a taxi driver on the spot while the sightseers work up. You can drive to Faliraki from the capital for about 11-14 EUR. The minimum fare in the city is 5 EUR, luggage is paid separately – 0.6 EUR per suitcase.

Rent of motorcycles and bicycles

It is better to take a bicycle only for trips around the resort, you can go outside the villages, the roadside is wide enough, but the drivers here are dashing, the sun is merciless, and the hills are steep. The cost of renting a mountain bike is from 20 EUR per day.

A motorcycle in this regard is a much better option, although it will not allow you to pump your calves and thigh muscles to envious sighs on the beach. The price of the issue is from 25 EUR for a moped, from 50 to 70 EUR per day for a motorcycle.

Rent a Car

Car rental in Rhodes is on almost every corner, and that’s good. With your own four-wheeled friend, you can travel around all the best beaches of the island, see the sights, wineries and taverns hidden from the eyes of lazy beachgoers. In the capital and at the airport there are both offices of large international networks (Avis, Europcar, Hertz), and Greek companies, where conditions can be a little softer, and the cost is a little lower. On average, car rental costs from 30 EUR per day during the season.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Most of the hotels and cafes in Rhodes are equipped with wireless Internet access, but somewhere they can charge a small fee – from 2 to 4 EUR per hour. To make calls to local numbers more profitable, it is better to buy a local SIM card (for example, Q-Telecom), the cost is from 5 to 20 EUR. If you don’t want to bother with choosing a tariff and you don’t want an operator, you can purchase a tilekartes card for calling payphones (from 4 to 15 EUR). Both are sold at Periptero kiosks and supermarkets.

Hotels of Rhodes

The island’s hotels are mostly deluxe. Although it is also possible to find a budget apartment or boarding house, with the exception of some resorts, sharpened exclusively for large hotel complexes with several beaches, restaurants and swimming pools (as, for example, in Ialyssos). The average cost of a double room with breakfast in the season starts from 60-80 EUR per day, for apartments you will have to pay from 41 to 160 EUR. “Subtleties” selected the 10 best hotels in Rhodes according to the reviews of tourists who had a rest there.

There are not as many Russian tourists in Rhodes as, say, in Crete, but there are plenty of Germans and British. Therefore, the animation in hotels is mostly in English and German.

How to Get to Rhodes, Greece