How to Get to Burgas, Bulgaria

By | February 15, 2023

According to, Burgas is located at a distance of 2200 km from Moscow, the flight takes more than 3 hours, and the railway and highways lead through the borders of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. From June to September it is easy to get here, additional charters fly, summer trains are launched. During the off-season, only regular flights are available.

Burgas district

Burgas is not the most resort city, the proximity of the desired sea should not mislead the traveler. There are no narrow medieval streets here, but there are many typical sleeping areas, surprisingly reminiscent of their Russian counterparts. There are two large industrial zones, which are honestly called so, the port, which in itself is not very good for vacationers and not the neatest private sector.

The center of Burgas is more or less similar to a seaside tourist town, divided into Vazrazhdane districts and the Center itself. Most of the hotels and apartments are concentrated here, next to the Marine Park, the port, the railway and bus stations, everything is fine with public transport stops, a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants, along the sea there is a long strip of beach, what else does a tourist need?

Districts and residential complexes “Lazur”, “Brothers Miladinov”, “Slaveykov Mahala”, “Zornitsa” and “Izgrev” are typical sleeping quarters. They are interesting with ordinary shops without tourist nonsense and price markups, they are accessible by transport, quite green – with parks and squares.

The Pobeda district is an ordinary private sector, not the most well-groomed and well-maintained, let them not be deceived by the pretty quarters of houses with red tiled roofs on satellite maps. The suburban Meden mine, popular among the natives, is another standard sleeping area; frankly, there is nothing for a tourist to do here.

A separate conversation is the Sarafovo district, cut off from the city and nestled between Burgas airport and the Black Sea coast. Pleasant, tidy, with low-rise buildings and all the necessary infrastructure for visitors, more calm and quiet. If you do not pay attention to the planes.

Hotels in Burgas

Popular aggregators have about 200 different traveler’s havens in Burgas. Most of them are apartments of different levels of equipment and comfort. In the high season, you don’t have to choose from hundreds of offers – the options fly apart pretty quickly. Small budget rooms start from 23 BGN, for 50-120 BGN you can count on a decent studio with a small kitchen in the apartment, a family room for 3 beds or even a junior suite in a three-star hotel.

There are 20 hotels for 4 and 5 “stars” in Burgas. In the high season, the most budget offers in them start from 90 BGN. A suite with breakfast at Hotel Burgas will cost 228 BGN, and Primoretz Grand Hotel 5 * offers executive suites for 303 BGN per night.

If you think about booking well in advance, then there is a chance to stay in a good place and save a lot at the same time. All the same Hotel Burgas and Hotel Bulgaria give suites for 170-180 BGN, if you redeem the reservation 6-8 months before the trip.


Public transport in Burgas is the responsibility of the municipal company “Burgasbus” (website in Bulgarian). It operates about 400 buses and trolleybuses running on 33 urban and suburban routes, many of which are low-floor vehicles. For a small city, these are very good indicators, leaving from one point to another will not be a problem, the unified Burgas public transport website will help you figure out the route of the trip. A one-time trip around the city costs 1-1.10 BGN, a ticket is purchased directly in the cabin from the conductor. A trip to the nearest villages will cost 5 BGN. Many buses leave the line as early as 5:00 and leave for the garage around 22:30-23:30.

Bus station – «bus station», stop – «bus stop».

Buses to Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Sozopol, Varna, Sofia, as well as Istanbul, Innsbruck and the Greek Komotini leave from the Southern Bus Station, located in the area of ​​​​the marinas. From the Western bus station, which stands on the street. Maritsa near the boulevard. Todor Aleksandrov, routes diverge throughout Bulgaria.

A trip to the bakery by taxi is not a luxury, but quite an affordable means of transportation. There are about 10 large companies operating in the city, landing on average 1 BGN, 1 km of the way – 0.70-1.10 BGN during the day and the night rate is 20-25% more expensive. Tourists are strongly advised to use licensed cars with the obligatory distinctive sticker of the Burgas City Hall.


In recent years, Burgas has secured the title of the most cycling city in Bulgaria. Special paths and alleys for cyclists have already stretched for more than 20 km, and the local bicycle rental system “VeloBurgas” is also convenient (website). 13 round-the-clock bike stations and 3 bike stations are located in the places most in demand by tourists and citizens. Payment is automated – using special plastic cards, applications or via SMS. An hour of rental is about 1 BGN.

Rent a Car

If there are no plans for endless forced marches along the entire coast and meticulous ethnographic expeditions inland, then a car is probably not needed. Bus service between the cities and resorts of Bulgaria is well developed, comfortable trains run to Sofia and Plovdiv for a ridiculous 10 EUR. Therefore, car rental is shown, perhaps, to families with a gang of young tourists, as well as misanthropes and categorical opponents of public transport on vacation.

Renting a car in Burgas is easy. Both large international chains and small local offices like MobiBg, Bravo, CarsBurgas rent here. Economy class starts from 25-30 BGN per day, in the low season, local distributors reduce the price tag to 10-15 BGN.

In Burgas, a convenient system of paid parking “Blue Zone” (website) has been developed, which is spread along almost all the streets of the Center and is decorated with special markings and signs. Here you can leave your car for 1 BGN per hour in the immediate vicinity of the desired store, museum or other attraction.

Burgas, Bulgaria