How Podcasts Help with Your Travel

By | November 26, 2019

Traveling is a hobby for many people, either because they like to know the culture of other places or because they need to relax in the midst of beautiful landscapes. No matter the reason, travel has a number of benefits, not only for well-being but also for the quality of life.

Planning the itinerary during your stay at your destination, purchasing your airline tickets, arranging your bags and anticipating the days before your travel date are just a few of the moments surrounding this delicious activity. Which one do you like the most?

However, as it is extremely enjoyable to travel to the most diverse destinations and meet new people, cultures, places, scenery, etc., there are always those less pleasant hours. Among them, wait for the boarding of the plane, long journeys, queues and others.

Many people just can’t relax at these times or get bored, especially when they have nothing to do. However, this situation changes completely if you can be distracted and entertained by something interesting. Do you agree?

How Podcasts Help Travel

One way to leave boredom and anxiety behind is quite simple and easy. It consists of accessing and listening to podcasts, which are audios to listen to anywhere and anytime. So you can have fun and even get informed during commuting and waiting.

For sure, your trip will be much more interesting if you don’t have to go through any moments of boredom or distress. And podcasts are great allies of those hours. Interested in the topic and want to know more?

What are podcasts, how do they work, how do you listen to them, and what are all their advantages? So keep reading this article and find out how to take advantage of this totally uncomplicated way of making idle hours so much more enjoyable and productive.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are audio media resembling radio programs. However, the difference is that they are all recorded, so you can choose what you want to hear from different themes at the same time.

On websites and apps that offer podcasts it is common to have channels with diverse themes. With this, just like on YouTube, you can subscribe to them to keep up with new episodes.

As for the themes, they are numerous. It is possible to find content of the most varied subjects. Some examples are music, movies, finance, sports, public procurement, productivity, digital marketing, humor, games and many others.

How to listen to podcasts

Listening to content is very practical, and there are different ways that vary depending on the device you are using to listen to the audio. If you want to check the contents of your desktop computer or laptop, simply go to the podcast channel website.

This content is also available on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Spreaker. If you have a smartphone, as this is the most practical device to listen to the audio, including when traveling, you need to use an application.

If your device has the Android operating system, simply download the Google Podcasts app, one of the most popular podcast listeners. On the other hand, if your device is an iPhone or iPad with iOS, be aware that they already have the Podcasts app ready to use.

Now that you know what podcasts are and how to access them, you can choose the app to use according to the device you have. Armed with this tool, your hours on the move, waiting and queuing during your trip will be very relaxing.

So be sure to check which app you should use, depending on the device that will take you for your trip. And download it to make sure you can hear the audio. Enjoy and check out which podcast themes are of interest to you.

How the first podcasts came about

As much as podcasts have become more popular in recent years, the point is that they are nothing new. In fact, the remotest audio content, which resembles current podcasts, appeared in 2003.

However, at that time, they were quite different, including the way to hear them, since smartphones were still a thing of the future. That is, to listen to these audio programs it was necessary to download them to your computer.

Remember that, nowadays, it is also possible to download a podcast on some channels, as well as being listened to online, which made its access much more practical and attractive. Anyway, with the emergence of MP3 players, there was one more evolution.

The next step was taken thanks to the emergence of so-called audio aggregators. After all, they have the advantage of informing the user when there is new audio, without having to keep accessing the channel to find out if there are new episodes.

Also, in the early days of the podcast, when he didn’t even have that name yet, journalist Christopher Lyndon was the first, at least to the news, to use this audio format. He did this to send different audio interviews to his audience.

Shortly thereafter, it was Adam Curry’s turn to send an audio program to iTunes, which at that time was already the famous Apple application responsible for managing files from different media. And that’s where the podcast name came from.

This is because the word originates from the union of the terms iPod, considered the main portable audio player of the time, and broadcast, which means a public transmission of information. The responsible for the creation of this expression was the British journalist Ben Hammersley.

Podcast Appearance in Brazil

All this happened between 2003 and 2004, and in Brazil it was no different. The first podcast to be made in the country dates from 2004, with the name of Digital Minds. And it didn’t stop there, in the same year, was also released the Gui Leite Podcast.

In just a year, many other podcast channels have emerged that, even shyly, have won over listeners of all ages and tastes. In addition, in 2005, PodCon Brasil, a conference on the theme, promoted the creation of audios.

What are the advantages of listening to podcasts

You may have been interested in the benefit of listening to podcast during your trip, but be aware that this is not the only benefit of this audio format. Nowadays, with the rush of everyday life, the podcast has become a great ally of people seeking information and fun.

After all, this content can be heard anytime and anywhere, whether at the gym, on the bus, waiting for the average consultation, the bank service and a number of occasions.

So flexibility is this advantage, and more, on some channels, you can also download it in audio. This means that you can listen to the podcast even without being connected to the internet as long as you have downloaded the audio file to your mobile device.

One more benefit of listening to audio is time saving, which helps many people who are always out of time to stop looking for content that interests them. That’s because when you subscribe to your favorite channels, you get notifications of new audio.

That is, you do not need to keep accessing the channels to know if news have already been posted. Time-saving also happens because you can listen to programs while performing other activities, such as cleaning the house, doing the dishes and taking a shower.

So you don’t have to stop to listen to the podcast. You can practice physical activities, cook and take care of the garden while listening to a program for information or even to laugh and have fun. In addition, there are podcasts of different lengths to match your day to day.

And, of course, one more reason for you to keep in the habit of listening to podcasts is that they are free. That’s right, you don’t have to spend anything at all to listen to the programs you like the most. This is possible since in the audios there are ads that keep them.

Podcast Tips to Listen on Your Trip

Now that you’ve figured out the right way to distract yourself from those boredom moments that, unfortunately, the whole trip has, you may be wondering: where do I start?

After all, since there are so many podcast channels, it can be difficult to choose from a wide range of options. But that’s no cause for concern, as a simple way to access channels with various audio program themes is through the Short Tips site.

In it, you will come across podcasts of various themes, so just choose what you prefer to listen to right now. Short Tips has the following channels:

  • The Smart Investor: In this channel, you can always be well informed with the best investment and finance tips, in simple and easy-to-understand language.
  • The Gym Guy: If you want to stay healthy and enjoy physical activity, this channel is made for you, as it offers several tips that really work, just check it out.
  • The Master of Competitions: Those who are studying for public competitions and want to stay on top of this topic will find on this channel everything they need to know and how to prepare for the exams.
  • The Digital Marketing Expert: If you have a business or want to promote your professional activity, be aware that this channel has a number of tips for betting on digital marketing and being successful.
  • The Health Doctor: stay on top of the main tips to have quality of life and well-being care of your health, as this channel always brings the main information and news on the subject.
  • The Productivity Wizard: Productivity is the key word for successful businesses and professionals who want to grow in their profession and how to do it? Check out all the tips of this channel.

Sure, one or all of these topics interest you, so start having fun and learning about these suggestions. And then, during your trip, keep up with the new audios, which are made available to your subscribers.