Cyprus Brief Information

By | April 13, 2022


The capital is the City of Nicosia.

In Cyprus, the remains of Stone Age settlements, Greek gymnasiums and temples, Roman villas and theaters, Byzantine temples and monasteries with priceless mosaics, Crusader castles and Venetian fortresses, Gothic cathedrals and Turkish mosques have been preserved. All this determines today’s unique character of the island, where beauty and peace, ancient culture and living modernity are combined.

The most popular resorts for a beach holiday in Cyprus:

PAPHOS impresses with an abundance of historical and architectural monuments. Within its boundaries and its environs there is such a huge number of monuments of world significance that it can rightly be called a city-museum. There are many restaurants, bars and cafes here. The coast of the resort is mostly rocky or pebbly, but

There are also sandy beaches. A chain of beaches stretches along the south coast.

LIMASSOL is the second largest city in Cyprus, the main passenger and cargo port, as well as a major tourist center with beautiful beaches, beautiful gardens and hotels with “exit” to the embankment.

LARNACA For those who love a relaxing holiday, this is the right place: clean spacious beaches, huge palm trees adorn the cobbled old streets. One of them leads along the coast. Unchanged restaurants and taverns invite you to taste national cuisine.

LANGUAGES: The official languages ​​are Greek and English. English is widely used, less often French and German. Many hotels have Russian-speaking staff.

RELIGION: Orthodox Christianity, Islam.

FLIGHT: Flight time Moscow-Larnaca-Moscow – 3 hours. 15 minutes. During the flight you will be offered drinks, hot meals (1 time during the flight), duty-free goods.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: By booking a tour, you become the owner of an insurance policy.

Be sure to read the instructions in your policy and follow them if necessary.

TIME: minus 2 hours from Moscow time

MONEY: Since January 1, 2008, the currency of Cyprus is EU RO (Euro).


OT ENTRY FROM THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Export of currency: presentation of a customs declaration when leaving the Russian Federation is not required if the amount of cash does not exceed 3000 euros. To board the flight, you must go through customs inspection, for which you must fill out a customs declaration (if the amount of cash exceeds 3,000 euros). When filling out the declaration, do not forget to indicate the entire amount of foreign currency that you took with you; for the export of more than 10,000 euros, a bank certificate (valid for 1 year) or an entry customs declaration (valid for no more than 1 year) with the appropriate customs marks is required.


Cyprus is allowed to import duty-free: 200 cigarettes, or 1 kg. cigars, or 1 kg. tobacco; 2 liters of wine or other alcoholic beverages (or 2 bottles); a bottle of eau de toilette or perfume. There are no restrictions on the import of foreign currency.

CLIMATE: According to Bridgat, the climate of the island is considered the most temperate and healthy in the world, so there are many centenarians in Cyprus. The sun shines over the island 300 days a year. In winter, the average temperature is +15°C, but it is colder in the mountains. Cyprus is very attractive and picturesque in the spring. From February to March, a great variety of wild flowers enliven the meadows and fields: red tulips, gladioli, irises, lilies and orchids. And lovers of the sun and sea sports are attracted by the long summer season, when the temperature reaches + 35 ° C, and you can sunbathe under the hot rays of the Mediterranean sun and enjoy swimming in the clear clear sea.


Cypriot cuisine is the most lavish in the Mediterranean

First of all, I must say that in Cyprus food is treated with great respect and enthusiasm. Food is an integral part of the local culture. Eat here with pleasure and a lot. Little is not accepted here. Therefore, portions in restaurants are large and generous, be prepared for this.

To try everything for not much, you need to order a meze in the tavern. “Meze” – means small pieces, assorted. “Meze” is fish or meat. Of the other dishes that you will find on the menu in any restaurant: souvlaki or souvla is like a Russian “kebab”. Souvlaki are small pieces of meat, while souvla are large. Lukanika are very tasty sausages. Dolma is meat with rice wrapped in grape leaves. Moussaka is a casserole with eggplant, minced meat, zucchini and bechamel sauce with cheese. Kleftiko – This is lamb baked in the oven. Gyros – very similar to the familiar Russian “shawarma”. This is any kind of meat cooked on special equipment, cut into thin pieces, wrapped in pita with salad, french fries and tzatziki sauce. They love to cook calamari here – these are deep-fried squid rings. Very often you can find halloumi cheese on the menu. It’s a goat’s milk cheese, a very tasty thing, especially when grilled.

Cyprus Brief Information