5 Heights to See in Finland

By | May 26, 2021

Although neighboring Finland is very close and has a very interconnected history with Sweden , many have not been there. Finland is therefore a good destination, you do not have to travel far to be able to enjoy good food and an exciting history.

If you are planning to visit Finland and do not really know which sights are popular, this article is perfect for you. We list 5 attractions in the neighboring country that you absolutely must not miss during your stay!

5 heights to see in Finland

1. Helsinki – a visit to the capital!

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is a must visit. The capital offers an exciting culture and architecture, which is then mixed with theaters and popular restaurants. In addition, Helsinki is also a very beautiful coastal city all year round.

Whether you appreciate tasty food or events, you will appreciate what this larger city has to offer.

2. Visit Santa’s workshop

Did you know that the plot actually comes from Finland? In the town of Rovaniemi you can visit Santa’s office itself. With fabulous decorations, the city is a popular destination for adults and children.

Take your family on an exciting journey to the plot and take home memories that you will soon forget. Talk to Santa or his elves and look at the beautiful decorations that the buildings are covered with.

3. Finland’s sauna culture

Something that in principle the whole world associates Finland with a little extra, is their sauna culture. Bathing in a sauna in Finland is a matter of course and something that you should book during your visit. This is to be able to experience how to really bask.

Today there are lots of popular SPAs that include a real sauna in the Finnish way. Among other things, you can visit the esteemed Allas which is located right on the Baltic Sea.

4. The country’s beloved little trolls

The Moomin role is absolutely wonderful and something that is very popular all over the world. In addition to visiting one of the country’s Moomin stores, today you can also visit their popular theme park . Of course with a Moomin theme right through, where you can visit the Moomin Valley and bring your childhood memories to life.

The theme park can be visited in Naantali, where you can get to know the characters from Tova Jansson’s beloved series. A perfect destination for you who want to include a little nostalgia, or for you who travel with children.

5. Nature and outdoor life

Finland, which also goes by the name of a thousand lakes, is much appreciated for its forested land. Here you can look at the Northern Lights in the more northern part, as well as hike on one of the country’s famous hiking trails.

There are very many who travel to Finland to relax and the country is really well suited for this. In addition to unwinding in a sauna, you can enjoy good food and beautiful views. A major advantage of the Finnish landscape is that even larger cities are surrounded by beautiful forest and land. This means that you do not have to travel very far between different places to be able to include some outdoor life during your stay.

Hope you have a wonderful stay in beautiful Finland!

Visit Santa's workshop